18-02-1486 -1534 A.D.

The advent of the Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu or Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (previously known as Sri Gauranga Dev) at Sree Mayapur (old Nabadwip), Nadia District (Bengal or Gaudadesh).

He is the embodiment of the unification of Sri Krishna (the Absolute Predominating Aspect) and Sri Radhika (the absolute Predominated Moiety).

The Gaudiya Mission follows and preaches the religion as propounded by Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. This religion is called ‘Bhakti’ (devotion) Dharma or ‘Bhagavata Dharma (completely theistic religion)’ or commonly ‘Gaudiya Vaishnav faith or religion. Srimad Bhagavatam is the sacred Scripture of this religion. (Sajjantoshani Vol 6, page 97 & 202).

  1. The Lord’s Associates were:-
      • Sri Nityananda Prabhu, the Founder of Namhatta or the Church for the religion of love and devotion which is the religion of the Mission.
      • Sri Advaita Acharya, the greatest professor of theism in Nabadwip.

    Sri Gadadhar Pandit Goswami, the embodiment of the transcendental devotional aspect of the Lord as represents the internal Divine Potency of the Absolute.

    • Sri Srivas Pandit, the greatest among the devotees of the Lord.
    • Sri Thakur Haridas, the greatest Acharya for preaching the Holy Name. He was a Muslim by birth.
  2. The six prophets (apostles) of the Lord — who are better known as the six Goswamis residing in Vrindaban in the district of Mathura (Muttra) in U.P. the sacred place of Advent and Pastimes of the Absolute, (Lord Sri Krishna) were:-
1489-1506Sri Rupa the first President Acharya (Patraraj) of Sri Viswa Vaishnav Raj Sabha an association for preaching Suddha Bhakti or unalloyed devotional, Sri Sanatan, Sri Raghunath Bhatta, Sri Jiva, Sri Gopal Bhatta, Sri Raghunath Das (He came of Kayastha family); They recorded in the Sanskrit language the teachings of the Lord, their writings of the holy scriptures of the Gaudiya Vaishnav School of religion. (See Harmonist Vol. XXX issue 4 page 111)
1507Srila Thakur Brindabandas — author of Sri Chaitanya Bhagavata — is one of the authentic accounts of the life of Mahaprabhu.

Srila Krishna Das Kaviraj author of ‘Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita. (Sajjantoshani Vol 3, Issue No. 3, page 40) These two Bengali books are the two authentic historical records and accounts of Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and His teachings.

Srila Narottam Thakur — the greatest Acharya (Spiritual Head) of the 16th century who very ably preached the Gaudiya Vaishnav religion by reviving the Namhatta (the Church of love and devotion) of Sri Nityananda Prabhu. He originally belonged to a Kayastha family.

Sri Srinivas Acharya, a contemporary of Srila Narottam Thakur, an eminent preacher of the Lord’s teachings.

1596-1638Sri Shyamananda Prabhu, also an eminent preacher. He was born in Karan Family (Harmonist V0l.XXXI issue & page 180).
1639-1709Sri Visvanath Chakravarty— the next Acharya and the great commentator of the Vaishnav Shastras, whose interpretation of the scriptures is accepted as authoritative(See preface of Bhagavat Gita by Prabhupad — page 9)
1707Sri Baladev Vidyabhusan the next Acharya — He was born of a Kayastha family, compiled the commentary of the Vedanta on behalf of the Gaudiya Vaishnav School, well reputed as the ‘Govinda Bhashya’. It is named for the reason that it was compiled within a week inside the temple of Govindaji in Jaipur at the blessing of Govindaji. Sri Baladev Vidyabhusan vanquished the oppositionists of the Gaudiya Vaishanav School in the historical sitting of learned scholars at Galta hill near Jaipur and established the superiority of this religion. (Vide ‘‘Vashyakarvivaran’’ in Srimad Bhagavat Gita by Prabhupad)
1774-1895Srila Jagannathdas Babaji was the next great Acharya. He was the Guru of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode who showed to Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode the location of different holy sites of the sacred land Sree-Mayapur (i.e., Sriman Mahaprabhu’s birth-site, Srivas Angan and Brajapattan) where preaching centres of this Mission were gradually established. (Gaudiya Vol 17, page 494).

Advent of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode alias Kedarnath Dutta (2.9.1838 = 18th Bhadra 1245 B.S.) the next great Acharya (Spiritual Head) of the 19th century — the reviver of Sri Visva Vaishnav Raj Sabha or the movement for preaching the Lord’s religion far and wide, and the original founder of Gaudiya Mission. (See Harmonist Vol XXV, page 3). (Autobiography of Srila Thakur, page 1)

Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode introduced Gaurabda (Era) or Chaitanyabda dating from 1486 which era is followed by Gaudiya Mission.

Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode is also the author of number of books which constitute the literature of the Gaudiya Mission. The copy right of the said books belongs to the Mission. These books have been claimed to be the property of the Deity.

As many as six or seven original centres for preaching of the religion of unalloyed devotion were established by Thakur Bhaktivinode. The 64 Maths claimed in the suit include these preaching centres established during the time of Thakur Bhaktivinode.

06-02-1874 (25th Magh 1220 B.S.)Advent at Puri (Orissa) of Sri Srimad Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Prabhupad (alias Sri Bimala Prasad Siddhanta Saraswati) commonly known as ‘Prabhupad’ (son and disciple of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode) who as the next succeeding Acharya extended the activities of Viswa Vaishnav Raj Sabha which subsequently came to be known as the Gaudiya Mission. (Autobiography of Srila Thakur, page146).
1879Srila Thakur Bhakti Vinode started the Bengali spiritual magazine ‘Sajjantoshani’ as the official organ for the preaching of the Lord’s (Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s) religion (Gaudiya Vaishnav faith) (Harmonist Vol. XXV, page 86). First Editor of this journal was Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode and the next Editor was Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Prabhupad. This magazine was subsequently bifarcated by Srila Prabhupad into English monthly ‘Harmonist’ and Bengali weekly as ‘Gaudiya’.
1881Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode met his Shiksha Guru Srila Jagannath Das Babaji Maharaj while at Vrindaban on pilgrimage. (Autobiography of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode, page 160; Sajjantoshani Vol XVIII, page 238).

Sri Viswa Vaishnava Raj Sabha (the Sacred association formed just after Mahaprabhu’s time with Sri Rupa Goswami as the first president Acharya) re-established by Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode for more organised and successful preaching of the religion of the Lord (Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu). This Sabha is synonymous with Gaudiya Mission — the English name subsequently given to it by the succeding Acharya Srila Prabhupad.(Harmonist Vol XXV, page 26)

He subsequently severed all connection with the Sabha. Sajjantoshani Vol 18 issue 6 p. 241.

A lecture Hall of Sri Visva Vaishnav Raj Sabha was built (14.3.1292 B.S) at 66, Sarkar’s lane, Kansaripara, Calcutta on 14.3.1292 B.S. A Meeting of Viswa Vaishnava Raj Sabha was held in the lecture Hall at 66 Sarkar Lane, Calcutta and notices published for the same. (Sajjantoshani Vol II, Issue 7, page 134; Vol III – 1, 2-3; Vol III-5, page 41).

1885Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode initiated Srila Prabhupad with Nrisimha Mantra and Sri Harinam (Vide diary Srila Prabhupad) Gaudiya Vol 15, Issue 23-24, page 10).
1887Srila Jagannathdas Babaji Maharaj (Guru or spiritual teacher of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode) entrusted Archan of Sri Giridharijiu to Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode. (Diarty of Srila Prabhupad) Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode under the guidance of his Guru Srila Jaganathdas Babaji Maharaj first discovered the most sacred site of the Advent of Sri Chaitanya Mahaporabhu at Sree Mayapur (Old Nabadwip) in the District of Nadia — (Harmonist Vol XXV, page 26).

Srila Thakur Bhakti Vinode purchased a plot or land at Swarupganj, Godrum (Nadia) and built Sri Surabhi Kunja which was used as the first preaching centre of the Viswa Vaishnav Raj Sabha. Afterwards Thakur Bhaktivinode purchased another plot of land at Godrum out of funds supplied by followers whereon was built Sananda Sukhada Kunja as the preaching centre of Srila Thakur Bhakti Vinode who along with his Guru Bhai Sri Ramsevak Chatterji Bhaktibhringa started there (at the holy site of Sri Godrumdwip) Namahatta (Church for the religion of love and Devotion) originally founded by Lord’s Associate Sri Nityananda and revived by the Acharya Srila Narottam Thakur, for wide and successful preaching of the religion.

From this centre Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode also published his preaching bulletins at intervals under the name of ‘Godrums Kalpatavi’ wherein he also explained the methods, objects and purposes of his propaganda (Autobiography of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode, page 183, 193) and Sajjantoshoni Vol XVIII, page 243, 1246)

1890‘Siddhanta Saraswati’ title was conferred on Srila Prabhupad (previously known as Bimala Prasad). (Diary of Srila Prabhupad)
1891Sri Ramsevak Chatterjee, Bhaktibhringa, a Guru Bhai of Srila Thakur Bhakti Vinode, joined in the preaching works of Thakur Bhaktivinode. (Autobiography of Srila Thakur Bhakti Vinode, page 190-191, Sajjantoshani Vol XVIII, page 243, Diary of Srila Prabhupad)
1892Sri Amlajore Prapannasram was established by Srila Thakur Bhakti Vinode under the leadership of Srila Jagannathdas Babaji Maharaj as the second preaching centre at Amlajora in the District of Burdwan — (Sajjantoshani Vol IV, 2, page 23-24 and Vol XVIII age 244)

The ceremony of Navadwipdham Parikrama, one of the most important activities of the Visva Vaishnava Raj Sabha or the Gaudiya Mission, was first commenced under the spiritual leadedrship of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode and it started from the Godrum centre (Swarupganj) of Thakur Bhaktivinode.

(Sajjantoshani Vol IV, page 237-244).

1894Sri Nabadwipdham Pracharini Sabha formed in a public meeting held by Nefar Ch. Pal Choudhury (Zamindar) Dwarikanath Nath Sarkar (Engineer) with the approval of Kedar Babu in Krishnagar (Nadia) for protection and development and preaching of Mahaprabhu’s birth place and tenets, and discovery of the areas of Sridham Navadwip and places connected with it with His Highness maharaja Manikya Bahadur of Tripura State as the President, (Sajjantoshani Vol XVIII, page 245, and Vol V, Issue 11, page 201-207); (Autobiography of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode, page 200), (Harmonist Vol XXV page 26).
18-01-1894Purchase with public subscription in name of Nafar Pal Bipradas Pal of a portion of Sri Yogapith land in Sri Mayapur (Nadia) which was the actual birthsite of the Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu whereon was established the 3rd preaching centre of the Mission and for some time the controlling office of the organisation (Autobiography of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode page 201).
23-01-1894Another plot of land, a portion of Sribas Angan in Sree Mayapur was simultaneously purchased for establishing another preaching centre of the Mission. Installation of Sri Vigrahas of Sri Guru-Vishnupriya in the said Sri Yogapith in Sree-Mayapur (Harmonist Vol XXV, page 26 Sajjantoshani Vol IV Issue 12, page 235 & Vol VI Issue 1 page 11-12.)
1894Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode retired from Government Service and devoted himself entirely to the propagation and preaching of Suddha Bhakti through Namahatta and Sri Visva Vaishnava Raj Sabha (including under it Sri Nabadwipdham Pracharini Sabha, a subordinate association). (Harmonist Vol XXV, page 26, Sajjantoshani Vol XVIII, page 245; Autobiography or Srila, Bhakti Vinode page 202).
26-02-1895Disappearance of Srila Jagannathdas Babaji Maharaj, the Guru of Srila Thakur Bhakti Vinode. (Sajjantoshani Vol VII, 1, 2, Diary of Srila Prabhupad).
(09-05-1302 B.S.)
Advent of His Divine Grace Sri Srimad Ananta Vasudev Brahmachari alias Sri Srila Bhakti Prasad Puri Goswami Thakur, well known as ‘Srila Acharyadeva’ who is the President and Acharya (Spiritual Head) of the Gaudiya Mission in succession to His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupad. (Puratan Panjika).

Foundation of ‘Sri Srivas Angan’ in Sree-Mayapur as the 4th preaching centre of the Mission. (Sajjantoshani Vol IV, 12, p. 234)

Initiation by Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode of Vidyutlata Devi, Prabhupad under services of Tripura Raj as compiler of Raj Ratnakar, then he acted as tutor to heir apparent, then as Calcutta agent (p. 73-4) autobiography. 2nd Meeting of Nabadwipdham Pracharini Sabha at Kantalpota under the presidentship of Jadunath Chatterjee. (3rd Falgoon 1301 B.S.) (Sajjantoshani Vol VI, page 237-238)

1898The building of Godrum Sananda Sukhada Kunja at Swarupganj centre — the present building constructed under supervision of Srila Prabhupad. (Diary of Srila Prabhupad) p. 101 S.T. Vol. 18. 1232
1899Srila Prabhupad was residing at this time at Sananda Sukhad Kunja and was learning Bhajan from Srila Gour Kishore Das Babaji Maharaj whose Bhajankutir (house) was inside Sananda Sukhada Kunja and who was the great and renowned disciple of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode (Gaudiya Vol 11, page 304).
Jan. 1900Initiation of Srila Prabhupad by Srila Gaurkishoredas Babaji Maharaj under the direction of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode. (Diary of Srila Prabhupad). Title ‘Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati’ was conferred on Srila Prabhupad. (Diary of Srila Prabhupad).
1902Seva of Satasan Math in Puri entrusted to Srila Prabhupad by Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode. (Diary of Srila Prabhupad).
1903Land Secured at Puri in the name of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode for ‘Bhakti Kuti’ centre of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode whose place of Bhajan it was and which was named as Sri Purusottam Math by Srila Prabhupad subsequently in 1922. This centre of preaching of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode was very well known. Sri Purusottam Math has since been shifted to a neighbouring place with a bigger plot of land secured from the Puri Municipality (Sajjantoshani Vol XVIII, P. 262; Saraswati Jayasri page 127).
1904Srila Prabhupad began to reside in Sree-Mayapur (Nadia) at Sri Yogapith centre while learning along with Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode from this very widely known preaching centre built on the sacred birthsite of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (Diary of Srila Prabhupad).
23/24-12-1906He left service of Tripura Raj. He retired on allowance. He had money in banks.
1905The Seva Improvement Fund established for improvement of Sree Mayapur, the holy birth site of the Lord. This fund was being operated by Srila Prabhupad as Secretary. This fund was placed in Krishnanagar Post Office under S.B. Account No. 69799. (Diary of Srila Prabhupad).
27-04-1906Purchase of the holy land of Brajapattan centre in Sree-Mayapur (which was subsequently named as Sri Chaitanya Math in 1918, being the holy residing place of Sri Chandra Sekhar Acharya (Lord’s contemporary) as pointed out by Srila Jagannathdas Babaji Maharaj and Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode as the place from where the Lord decided to take Sannyas and start for all India preaching work of His religion, Gaudiya Vaishnav faith. (Diary of Srila Prabhupad).
1907Purchase of Ballaldighi Pattani Mahal containing lands in Sree-Mayapur adjoining the already located sacred site of the Lord’s birth (in the names of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode and his Guru Bhai Sri Ramsevak Chatterjee, Bhaktibhring) These lands are still owned and possessed by the Gaudiya Mission.
1908Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode accepted Vaishnav Sannyas and took Paramahamsa Vesh (holy areas of the Lord’s School) (Sajjantoshani Vol XVIII, 6, 253).

Installation of Deities ‘Sri Gaur Gadadhar’ at Sri Syananda Sukhada Kunja at Swarupganj (Nadia). This centre was placed in charge of Krishnadas Babaji Maharaj, an ascetic disciple of Thakur Bhakti Binode.

Srila Prabhupad was placed in charge of the Brajapattan centre. He constructed house with personal fund at Brajapattan. He started residing there, carried on moneylending and litigation and managed zemindari

1909Mr. S. N. Bandopadhyayaji (Proprietor of Messrs. Bando & Co.) and a disciple of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode went to Sree-Mayapur. He built a house for Bhajan within Brajapattan or Sree Mayapur Chaitanya Math where the Post and Telegraph Office is now located. (Diary of Srila Prabhupad)

Initiation of Srilla Bhakti Pradip Tirtha Maharaj by Srila Thakur BhaktiVinode (Diary of Srila Prabhupad; Saraswati Jayasri, page 199).

Installation of the Vigraha of Deity Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu known as Sri Brajapattaneswar Gauranga Dev’ in the above Brajapattan centre in Sree Mayapur, Nadia.

1911Srila Prabhupad’s historic lecture on ‘Brahman O Vaishnaver Taratamya’ in a large public meeting of all Bengal Pandits at Balighai (Midnapur) under Chairmanship of M.M. Pandit Madhusudan Servahaum of Brindaban. This lecture silenced all opposition against Vaishnav religion. It was published as an authoritative book on the subject. (Saraswati Jayasri, page 155-158) (Diary of Srila Prabhupad)
30-12-1911His Divine Grace Sri Srila Ananta Vasudev Brahmachari alias Sri Sri Srimad Bhakti Prasad Puri Goswami Thakur met for the first time Srila Thakur Bhakti Vinode and Srila Prabhupad in Calcutta, (Saraswati Jaysri P.1)
09-08-1912Land secured in the names of Srila Prabhupad and Sri Ramsevak Chatterjee Bhaktibhringa in Bamanpukur very close to Sree Mayapur (Nadia) and the holy site of Chand Kazi’s Samadhi which is one of the 64 centre of the Gaudiya Mission. (During Srila Prabhupad era)
1913Sri Bhagavat Press of the Mission first established at No. 4. Shanagar Lane, Kalighat, Calcutta for printing and publication of the literature of the Mission where Sitanath Babu (disciple of Srila Thakur Bhakti Vinode) lived with Prabhupad. (Diary of Srila Prabhupad).
23-06-1914 (or 09-03-1321)Disappearance from this world of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode on entrusting the works of the Mission to Srila Prabhupad. (Harmonist Vol XXV, page 26, also Sajjantoshani Vol XVIII, page 253). (Also Patravali Vol II page 51)
1914Samadhi of Srila Thakur Bhakti Vinode laid in Godrum Sananda Sukhada Kunja (Swarupganj centre) (Sajjantosnani Vol XVIII, 1, page 14, Diary of Srila Prabhupad)

Sri Bhagavat Press removed to Brajapattan centre in Sree-Mayapur the central controlling office for better arrangement of Mission’s publication works. (Diary of Srila Prabhupad).

Sri Bhagavat Press subsequently removed to Krishnanagar the head quarters of the District (reasons for this removal was earning something for the Mission from outside printing works) (Diary of Srila Prabhupad). Srila Prabhupad appointed as ‘Karyapati’ (Chief executive Authority) of Sri Nabadwip Pracharini Sabha in succession to Srila Thakur Bhakti Vinode and Sajjantoshani, the Mission’s official monthly journal began to be published from Sri Bhagavat Press under the editorship of Srila Prabhupad – (Sajjantoshani Vol XVIII, 1, 40-41)

16-11-1915 (or 30-07-1322)Disappearance from this world of Srila Gaur Kishore Das Babaji Maharaj, the great contemporaries of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode and the Guru of Srila Prabhupad.

Disappearance from this world of Sri Krishnadas Babaji, an ascetic disciple of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode who was residing for a long time in Swarupganj centre and was placed in charge thereof (Syananda Sukhada Kunja) after Srila Prabhupad had shifted to Sree-Mayapur centre, and this Babaji’s Samadhi was laid by the side of his Guru Srilá Thakur Bhaktivinode.

(Sajjan-toshani Vol XVIII, 4, 174).

Nov. 1915‘Kulia Samaj Bati’ founded by Srila Prabhupad at the samadhi of Srila Gaur Kishoredas Babaji Maharaj in Nabadwip town. This Samadhi was subsequently shifted to Sri Chaitanya Math, Sree-Mayapur in 1932 where it exists still now in a separate temple.
22-06-1916Land adjoining Yogapith secured to the name of Srila Prabhupad whereon Sri Nrisimha Mandir stands. This Nrisimha Mandir is within the compound of Sri Yogapith and form a part of the Yogapith Mandir. (Court sale)
1916Pandít Vaikuntha Nath Vachaspati, disciple of Srila Thakur Bhakti Vinode appointed as professor of Bhakti Vinode Maha-Asan (a Sanskrit School) in Swarupganj centre, Godrum Syananda Sukhada Kunja. (Sajjantoshani, Vol XIX, 1, 44)
04-10-1916Second disappearance ceremony of Sri Krishnadas Babaji (disciple of Srila Thakur Bhakti Vinode) was celebrated at his Samadhi in Syananda Sukhada Kunja (Swarupganj centre). (Sajjantoshani Vol XX 3, 107)
March-1917A committee of 4 persons formed for collection of funds, buying of lands for the Mission and for managing them (Sajjatoshani Vol XX, 11, 349).
July 1917Announcement of celebration of 4th annual disappearance ceremony of Srila Thakur Bhakti Vinode in Bhakti Kuti (Puri centre). (Sajjantoshani Vol XX, 12, 392)
1917The new temple on the Samadhi of Srila Thakur Bhakti vinode at Syananda Sukhada Kunja at Godrum (Swarupganj centre) was built with public subscription raised in consequence of an appeal by Srila Prabhupad (Sajjatoshani Vol. XXI, p 3). During this year installation of Deities in 2 more centres in Sree Mayapur took place. (Sajjantoshani Vol XXI, 1, 3).
1918Sj. Gaya Ram Prasad Ghosh of Calcutta agreed to bear all cost for the construction of the temple on the Samadhi of Sri Krishnadas Babaji in Syananda Sukhada Kunja at Godrum (Swarupganj centre). (Sajjantoshani Vol XXI, 5, 127).
March 1918Srila Prabhupad took Sannyas with Vaishnav rituals at Chandra Sekhar Acharya Bhavan (Brajapattan) which was subsequently named Sri Chaitanya Math. (Saraswati Jayasri, P. 185). The Brajapattan centre of the Mission at Sree-Mayapur named as Sri Chaitanya Math by Prabhupad and became the centre of controlling all Maths of the organization viz., Visva Vaishnav Raj Sabha for preaching the tenets of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu as propounded by Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode through out the world. (Diary of Srila Prabhupad)
15-05-1918Land secured for Sri Advaitya Bhavan as another centre of the Mission at Sree Mayapur (Nadia) in the name of H. P. Sen, a disciple of Srila Prabhupad who was for some time one of the Secretaries of Visva Vaishnav Raj Sabha.
21-09-1918Another portion of the land of Sri Yogapith of Sri Mayapur the second preaching centre of the Mission (established in 1894) was purchased in the name of Srila Prabhupad.
November 1918Establishment of Sri Bhaktivinode Asan at No. 1, Ultadingi Junction Raod in Calcutta as the Calcutta centre of the organization for preaching in the great metropolies the teachings of Srila Thakur Bhakti Vinode. This centre was subsequently in 1920 given the name of Sree Gaudiya Math by Srila Prabhupad and which since then till now is being used as the Head office or the controlling centre of the Mission as being shifted from Sri Chaitanya Math of Sree Mayapur (Nadia). Sree Gaudiya Math is generally used as synonymous with Gaudiya Mission, the popular name of the organization. (Sajjantoshani Vol XXI, 10, 289).
05-02-1919Reorganization of Sri Visva Vaishnav Raj Sabha of Srila Thakur Bhakti Vinode, by Srila Prabhupad in co-operation with many devotees at Sri Bhaktivinode Asan or the Calcutta centre of the Mission for better organization and more successful conduct of the Mission’s preaching works, this Sabha has been functioning and controlling all works of the Misson which is synonymous with this Sabha and it began to be used to mean the organization in general. Thus the names Sri Visva Vaishnava Raj Sabha and the Gaudiya Misson began to mean the same organisation (Sajjantoshani Vol XXI, 8 & 9, 259; -do- Vol XXII, page 5) (Saraswati Jayaari 6th Baibhab, page 41)
February 1919Installaition of Archa Vigraha (Image) of Srila Thakur Bhakti Vinode as the Deity in his Samadhi Temple at Godruma Syananda Sukhada Kunja in Swarupganj (Nadia), the original preaching centre of Srila Thakur Bhakti Vinode. (Sajjantoshani Vol XXII, 5 & 5, 128).
10-04-1919Another 2 plots of land being portions of Sri Yogpith of Sree Mayapur the 3rd preaching centre of the Mission were acquired in the name of Gaur Govinda Vidyabhusan, a disciple of Prabhupad.

Temple on the Samadhi of Sri Krishnadas Babaji (disciple of Srila Thakur Bhakti vinode) was constructed near the Samadhi of Srila Thakur Bhakti Vinode, with the manificent donation of Sj. Gaya Ram Ghosh, an outsider (Sajjantoshani Vol XXI, 5, page 127). Portrait of Krishndas Babaji was installed in 1920 (Sajjantoshani XXII 7 & page 218).

Foundation for the construction of Sri Advaita Bhavan (probably about this time). (Sajjantoshani XXII, page 136). In a resolution of the exceutive committee of Sri Nabadwip Dham Pracharini Sabha it was settled that Sajjantoshani Patrika, the official organ of the Misson, should be continued for ever as the official organ of the Sabha. (Sajjantoshani Vol XXI, 11 & 12, page 99). Meeting of the Executive Commitee of Sri Nabadwipdham Pracharini Sabha was held at Sri Syananda Sukhada Kunja (Svarupganj Centre). (Sajjantoshani Vol XXII, 5 & 6, 123).

Excavation of the tank Gaur Kunda at Sri Yogapith, Sree Mayapur with the donation of Babu Tinkauri Nadi of Calcutta. (Sajjantoshani Vol XXII, 1 & 2, 5).

Publication of the results of Sarbabhauma examination for Gaurabda held at Sree Mayapur by Nabadwipdham Pracharini Sabha (Sajjantoshani Vol XXII, 3 & 4, 62).

Preaching work of Namahatta in North and Eastern Bengal. (Sajjantoshani Vol XXII, 7 & 8, 206-213, 214 etc.).


A beautiful portrait of Sri Krishnadas Babaji as Archa Vigraha (Deity) installed in his Samadhi temple near that of his Guru Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode in Syananda Sukhada Kunja at Svarupganj (Sajjantoshani Vol XXII, 7 & 8, 218). ‘Gitavali’ a book of prayer songs of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode.

Naming of the Bhaktivinode Asan or the Calcutta centre of the organization then known a Sri Visva Vaishnav Raj Sabha, as Sree Gaudiya Math for preaching the teachings of Srila Thakur Bhakti Vinode and the tenets of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu from the metropolies throughout the world which work was started by Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode in fulfilment of the Lord’s desire and then entrusted to Srila Prabhupad

Installation of the Deity of Sri ‘Gaurahari’ at Calcutta centre by Sri Visva Vaishnav Raj Sabha now known as Sree Gaudiya Math (Sajjatoshani Vol XXIII, 3 & 4, 79 also 6 & 7, 188). Installation of the Vigrahas or Deities of ‘Sri Radha Govinda’ at the Calcutta Gaudiya Math (Sri Bhakti Vinode Asan). (Saraswati Jayasri, 11th Baibhab, page 76).

Srila Bhakti Pradip Tirtha Goswami Maharaj (disciple of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode) was given Sannyas by Srila Prabhupad as the first Tridandi Sannyasi of the Mission now known as Sri Visva Vaishnav Raj Sabha later on others followed in accepting the order of Sannyas Asram. (Sajjatoshani Vol XXIII, 5, 135) Excavation of ‘Radhakunda’ the big tank in Sri Chaitanya Math, Sri Mayapur. Construction of new buildings and installation of Gour Nityananda in Sri Adaita Bhavan, another centre in Sree-Mayapur (Sajjantoshani Vol XXIII, 5, 136, also Vol XXIII, P. 320).

May 1920Srila Ananta Vasudev Brahmachari (Srila B. P. Puri Goswami) began to live in Math as a Naisthik Brahmachari by totally severing the connection with the world. (Saraswati Jayasri, 11th Baibha page 70).

Srila Prabhupad organised from Sri Chaitanya Math the ceremony of Sri Nabadwipdham Parikrama originally started by Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode from his first preaching centre at Godrum Syananda Sukhada Kunja at Swarupganj (Nadia). (Sajjantoshani Vol XXIV, 7, page 219) Foundation of Sri Madhya Gaudiya Math at Dacca by Srila Prabhupad as the Dacca branch of the organisation as the Visva Vaishnava Raj Sabha (Sajjantoshani Vol XXIV, page 86).

Installation of Deities at Sri Madhaya Gaudiya Math, Dacca centre of the organization. Name of the Deities being ‘Sri Gaur Vinode Kanta Jiu’ (Sajjantoshani Vol XXIV, page 86).

Foundation of Sri Gaur Gadadhar Math Champahati (Burdwan) (Sajjantoshani Vol XXIV, page 212).

Installation with re-instatement of Sri Vigrahas or Deities of Sri Gaur Gadadhar at the said Math. (Sajjantoshani Vol XXIV, 7, 212; Gaudiya Vol 1, 2, 12).


Land secured for Mamgachi Math, the next preaching centre of the Misson in the name of 3 Sevaits of Brajapattaneswar Gauranga Mahaprabhu.

Foundation of the Math at Modadrumdwip in Mamgachhi (Burdwan) (place of advent of Srila Thakur Brindabandas, the first authoritative recorder of the life of Mahaprabhu with the name Modarum Chhatra (still now know as such). (Sajjantoshani Vol XXIV, page 213).

Installation of the Deities of ‘Pancha Tattva’ at Sri Srivas Angan another Math in Sree-Mayapur (Sajjantoshani Vol. XXIII, 6 & 7, 185)

Installation of the Deities of ‘Sri Gaur and Nityanand at Sri Advaita Bhavan Math in Sree-Mayapur and the ceremony was done with the pecuniary help of Haripada Vidyaratna, (Sajjantoshani Vol XXIII, 11 & 12, 320 N.B. It might be in 1920)

20-12-1921Another portion of land of Brajapattan centre (Sri Chaitanya Math) of Sree Mayapur purchased in the name o f Brajapattaneswar Mahaprabhu Gaurangadev.

Foundation of Sri Purusottam Math at Bhakti Kuti, Puri centre of the Mission (the place of Bhajan of Srila Thakur Bhakti Vinode and the Southern most preaching centre of the Mission (Sri Visva Vaishnav Raj Sabha) (Sajjantoshani Vol XXIV, page 248) Harmonist Vol XXV p.22.

Installation of the Deith of ‘Sri Gaur’ at Sri Purusottam Math, Puri (Sajjantoshani Vol XXIV, page 248).

Foundation of Tridandi Gaudiya Math Bhubaneswar, Orissa.

1922Land gifted for Sri Gopalji Math at Kamalapur, another preaching centre of the Misson in the name of Sri Gopal Devigraha.
August 1922

Starting of ‘Gaudiya’ a Bengali weekly as the official organ of the Misson (Printed from Sri Bhagavata Press of the Mission at Krishnanagar, Nadia) in place of the monthly organ ‘Sajjantoshani’ of Srila Thakur Bhakti vinode which since then ceased publication in Bengali but subsequently appeared in English under the editorship of Srila Prabhupad. (Harmonist Vol XXV P. 3)

Foundation of a Mathalaya in the town of Nabadwip (Koladwip) called ‘Aparadha Bhajan Pat’ in memory of an incident of the time of Sriman Mahaprabhu. This Math subsequently ceased to exist. This was the place where Kulia Samaj was established in 1915. (Gaudiya Vol I, Issue 26, cover page).

Foundation of Kulia Samadhi Math (Samadhi of Srila Gaura Kishoredas Babaji Maharaj). (Gaudiya Vol 1, issue 26, cover page)


Starting another very valuable printing press of the Mission at Ultadingi in Calcutta under the name of ‘Gaudiya Printing Works’ for printing the journal ‘Gaudiya’ and for more extended publication of the literature of the Mission as well as for earning something from outside job-works. This is the biggest press (called by Srila Prabhupad ‘Bigger Mridanga’ or bigger instrument for preaching) required for more extensive preaching propaganda of the Mission. The press is acquired worth about Rs. 40,000/-. It stands in the name of Sripad Ananta Vasudev Brahmachari alias Srimad Bhakti Prasad Puri Goswami Thakur as keeper, proprietor and printer of the press. (Gaudiya Vol II, issue i, page 12).


Comencement of the publicating of ‘Srimad Bhagavatam’ from Gaudiya Printing Works (Gaudiya Vol XV, Biraha-issue).

Foundation of Sri Tridandi Gaudiya Math in Bhubaneswar (Puri) (Gaudiya Vol III, 1, 18).

Foundation of ‘Sri Sarasvata Asan’ at Calcutta Gaudiya Math for teaching devotional scriptures to all learners both inmates and outsiders. (Gaudiya Vol III, 21st issue, page 11).

Eaching and publication of some literary works of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode from the said Sri Sarasvata Asan of Calcutta Gaudiya Math.

29-01-1925Gauda Mandal Parikrama or going round the sacred places connected with the memory of the Lord and His beloved Associate in various districts in the province of Bengal was commenced from Calcutta Gaudiya Math by a large number of pilgrims under the lead and management of the Gaudiya Math continuing about 11/2 months. This huge ceremony was finished by the 8th of March, 1925 in Sree-Mayapur. (Gaudiya Vol III, 22nd issue, page 10-11).
08-03-1925Gauda Mondal Parikrama closed on relating Sri Chaitanya Math in Sree Mayapur.
16-01-1926Another plot of land being a portion of Sri Yogapith, the 3rd preaching centre of the Mission was purchased in the name of Aprakrita Das Adhikary, Secretary, Visva Vaishnava Raj Sabha.

Foundation of ‘Sri Bhagavat Janaanda Math’ at Chirulia (Midnapur) as a preaching centre of the Mission after the sawoori centre of that district was discontinued (Gaudiya Vol IV, 21, cover page) and installation there of Deities of Sri Radha Govinda ‘and Sri Salgram Sila’ in Sri Bhagavata Janananda Math (Gaudiya Vol V, page 375).

Foundation of Sri Gadai Gauranga Math at Baliati (Dacca) Gaudiya Vol IV, 14 issue page 23) and opening of the temple and installation of Deities ‘Sri Gaur Gadadhar and Sri Radha Govinda’ there in Baliati Sri Gadai Gauranga Math. (Gaudiya Vol IV, page 228) and (Harmonist Vol XXXII, 479). Foundation of Sri Paramahansa Math at Naimisaranya (Nimaar, Sitapur district in U.P.), the place of publication of Srimad Bhagavatam, as a centre for preaching the doctrine of the Mission (Gaudiya Vol V, page 256).

Foundation of ‘Sri Sanatan Gaudiya Math’ in Benaras, U.P (Gaudiya Vol IV, page 868); Harmonist Vol XXV, page 24.

01-09-1926Land secured for Brahma Gaudiya Math of Allalnath, the next preaching centre of the Mission in the names of Deities of Purusottam Math, represented by Atul Chandra Banerjee and Paramananda Brahmachari disciples of Prabhupad.

Sudha Sanatanist conference held at Sri Chaitanya Math on the invitation of Visva Vaishnave Raj Sabha (Harmonist XXV p. 24).

Foundation of ‘Sri Sanatan Gaudiya Math’ in Benaras, U.P (Gaudiya Vol IV, page 868); Harmonist Vol XXV, page 24.

1927Establishment of Sri Paravidyapith at Sri Chaitanya Math, Sridham Mayapur for teaching the Sastras (Scriptures) for reviving the cultural aspect of Gaudapur (oxford of India) in Nabadwip on the initiative of Sri Visya Vaishnav Rajsabha. (Harmonist Vol XXV, page 24).

A special meeting of Visva Vaishnava Raj Sabha for 3 successive days at Sree Mayapur convened by Sri Chaitanya Math for starting the Para-Vidyapith on the occasion of installation of the Bigrahas of 4 Acharyas in Sri Chaitanya Math. (Gaudiya Vol V, page 480)

Opening of the new temple of Sri Chaitanya Math in Sree Mayapur built with the donation of Sri Madan Mohan Saha at a cost of over Rs. 15,000/- (Gaudiya Vol I, 30th issue, p. 12).

Installation of the Deities of ‘Sri Radha Govinda’ in the new temple of Sri Chaitanya Math — the Deities being gifted by one Sarat Chandra Chatterjee of Calcutta and God-brother of Srila Thakur Bhaktivionode.

Installation in the new Sri Chaitanya Math temple of Deity ‘Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu in the Role of Mohini’ in which form He danced on the Para Natya Mancha in the house of Sri Chandra Sekhar Acharya (Brajapattan) and enchanted all.

19-03-1927Installation in the new Sri Chaitanya Math temple of the Bigrahas of the four Acharyas, the exponents of the four schools of Theistic faiths, viz. Sri Madhva’ ‘Sri Vishnu Swami’ ‘Sri Nimbarka’ and ‘Sri Ramanuja’. (Gaudiya Vol V. p. 520-521).

Foundation of Math at Cuttack with the name ‘Sri Satchidananda Math’ after the name of Srila Satchidananda Bhaktivinode Thakur (as he used to style himself). (Gaudiya Vol IV, p. 958).

Republication of Sajjantoshani of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode in English under the name ‘Sajjantoshani for the Harmonist’ — the monthly organ of the Misson, under the editorship of Srila Prabhupad. It also included a portion of Sanskrit.

Foundation of ‘Sri Vyas Gaudiya Math’ in Kurukshetra (Harayana) in fulfilment of the desire of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode. (Gaudiya Vol VI, 17th issue, list of Maths.)

Installation of the Deities of ‘Sri Gaursundar and Sri Vindoderam at Sri Vyas Gaudiya Math in Kuruksetra (Gaudiya Vol VI, page 275).

Installation of the Deities ‘Sri Radha Govinda’ in Sri Sanatan Gaudiya Math, Benares. (Gaudiya Vol VI, p. 167).

Foundation of Sri Brahma Gaudiya Math at Alalnath (Puri) (Gaudiya Vol V. page 698-699).

Installation of the Deity of ‘Sriman Mahaprabhu Sri Chaitanya in Sri Satchidananda Math of Cuttack. (Gaudiya Vol V, page 770)

Foundation of Sri Chaitanya Gaudiya Math at Dumurkonda, Dt. Manbhum. (Gaudiya Vol VI, page 129).

Foundation of Sri Chaitanya Math Charitable Dispensary for public out-door patients including Math people.

1927Installation of Deities ‘Sri Radha-Govinda named Sri Vinode Kishore Jiu’ at Sri Amlajora Prapannasram (Gaudiya Vol VI, page 295).
21-11-1927Installation of the Deity of ‘Sri Gaurangadev’ at Sri Vyas Gaudiya Math, Kurukshetra, Dt. Karnal in Hariyana, (Gaudiya Vol VI, page 275).
28-08-1928J. B. Dutt’s 1st deed of gift to Sri Gaudiya Math land at Baghbazar, Calcutta.
10-09-1928Bhumi Puja and Meeting of Sri Visva Vaishnav Raj Sabha authorising construction of its Calcutta centere viz., Gaudiya Math at a cost of 3 lacs of rupees for facility of preaching works (Gaudiya Vol VII, page 129).
25-09-1928Meeting of Sri Visva Vaishnav Raj Sabha conferred title of ‘Bhakti Vijoy’ on Sri Sakhi Charan Roy for meeting cost of publishing the 4th edition of Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita previously published by Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode. (Gaudiya Vol VII, page 516).
26-09-1928Laying the foundation of the new Baghbazar premises of the Calcutta Gaudiya Math (Bhaktivinode Asam), the Head Office of the Mission (Sri Visva Vaishnav Raj Sabha) or the Gaudiya Mission which name now is more prevalent. (Gaudiya Vol VII, page 112)
07-10-1928Assam expedition of Srila Prabhupad with a number of disciples for preaching the message of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. (Gaudiya Vol VII. Page 193)
1928Foundation of Sri Bhagavat Pathasala at Nimsar, U.P. (Gaudiya Vol VI, page 272, 635).
07-11-1928Opening of the Bhagavat Exhibition (theistic exhibition of a unique nature) at Kurukshetra as a method of demonstrative teaching of Srimad Bhagavata being the religion of the Mission in general, during the historical solar eclipse Mela held there. (Gaudiya Vol VII, page 234, 241, 271).
Nov. 1928

Meeting of Sri Visva Vaishnav Raj Sabha directed the foundation of ‘Mahabharat Pathasala’ in Kurukshetra. (Gaudiya Vol VII, page 241).

Foundation of a new temple in Sri Modadrum Chhatra (Mamgachhi by Srila Prabhupad. (Gaudiya Vol VI, page 491).

Foundation of Sri Rupa Gaudiya Math in Allahbad in U.P. (Gaudiya Vol VII, page 767).

Foundation of Sri Gaudiya Math at New Delhi, the new capital of India (Gaudiya Vol VII, page 539).

Foundation of Sri Prapannasram in Brahmanapara District Howrah with the Deity ‘Sadbhuj Mahaprabhu’ installed there. (Gaudiya Vol VII. Page 539)

01-06-1929A departmental Sub Post Office was first opened and established as an experimental measure and from 1.11.29 on a permanent basis within the compound of a Sri Chaitanya Math for the use of the Gaudiya Mission (Sri Visva Vaishnav Raj Sabha). A guarantee bond for telegraphic connection was subsequently executed and registered by Kunja Babu as Secretary of Sri Visva Vaishnav Raj Sabha. (Gaudiya Vol VII, page 668 & VIII, page 231)
1929Installation of Sri Gaur Sur of Abjan 29.9.19929 Gaudiya Vol VII 9th issue.
August 1929A meeting of Sri Visva Vaishnav Raj Sabha passed a resolution for big Mahamahotsav with theistic exhibition and all World Vaishnav Conference on the occasion of the opening of the new Gaudiya Math premises. (Gaudiya Vol VIII, page 33)
1929Samadhi of His Holiness Bhakti Vilas Parvat Maharaj, a Sannyasi disciple of Srila Prabhupad was given in Sri Gopal Jiu Math, Kamalapur (Dacca) of the Mission. (Gaudiya Vol. VII page 352 and Nadia Prakash Vol III, 3rd Magh, 1335 B.S.)
Feb. 1930Opening on a big scale Bhagavate Exhibition (theistic exhibition of a unique nature) together with Agricultural and Industrial exhibitions at Sri Chaitanya Math in Sree Mayapur (Nadia) which was opened by Sir P. C. Ray and attended by thousands. This was an unprecedented incident in Nadia. (Gaudiya Vol VIII, page 398).
1930Electric plant installed in Sri Chaitanya Math. The plaintif Kunja Babu as Secretary of Sri Chaitanya Math and of the Misson made a number of petitions to the District Magistrate and Collector of Nadia for exemption of electricity duty in respect of the Math and the petitions were granted. The electric plant is still now working for electrification of the Math. (Gaudiya Vol VIII page 230)
27-02-1930Srila Prabhupad’s application to Income-tax officer for exemption of his income tax on the ground that whatever property he had were already dedicated for propagation of vaishnav religion and for religious and charitable purposes and he had no income. Income tax was exempted u/s 27 of the Income Tax Act (Vide Exhibit 13 (79) of Nadia T.S.).
1930Installation of the Deities of ‘Sri Radha Govinda named Sri Vinode Kishore Jiu’ at Sri Rupa Gaudiya Math in Allahbad U.P. founded in 1929. (Gaudiya Vol VIII, page 386).
October 1930Opening ceremony of the Baghbazar premises of the Calcutta Gaudiya Math (Bhaktivinode Asan) built with donation of J.B. Dutt and built at a cost of over three lakhs of rupees for being used as the head Office of the Mission (Sri Visva Vaishnav Raj Sabha) now commonly known as Sree Gaudiya Math or Gaudiya Mission. (Gaudiya Vol IX, page 177).
Nov. 1930

Passing away of J.B. Dutt, donor of Sree Gaudiya Math premises and spelendid buildings just after a month of opening ceremony. (Gaudiya Vol IX, page 279).

Foundation of Sri Jagannath Gaudiya Math at Mymensingh. (Gaudiya Vol IX, issue 1, list of Maths).

Foundation of a new temple and a Sevak Khanda in Sree Gopalji Math in Dacca. (Gaudiya Vol VIII, page 610).

Foundation of Sri Goalpara Prapannasram, Assam. (Gaudiya Vol IX, issue, 1 list of Maths).


Foundation stone laid for the new temple of Sri Advaita Bhaban Math in Sree-Mayapur, Nadia. (Gaudiya Vol VIII, page 489).

Foundation of Sri Chaitanya Padapith temples with foot-prints of Sri Chaitanya Deva at Jajpur, Kurmakshetra, Simhachal, Kovur and Mangalgiri (in southern India) by Srila Prabhupad. (Gaudiya Vol. IX, page 407, 408).

06-08-1930Land gifted for Ramananda Gaudiya Math, one of the preaching centres of the Mission in the names of the 3 trustees of Sri Chaitanya Math.
05-10-1930Inaguration of Gaudiya Math at 16A, Kali Prasad Street, Kolkata – 700 003.
16-10-1930Another portion of Calcutta Gaudiya Math land gifted in the name of Sri Srila Prabhupad.

Resolution of Sri Visva Vaishnav Raj Sabha authorising the Secretary Kunja Behari Vidyabhusan to stand guarantee for telegraphic installation in Sree-Mayapur Sub-Post Office (Nadia) situated in a building of the Mission within the compound wall of Sree Chaitanya Math.

‘‘This meeting of the members assembled of the Executive Committee of Sri Visva Vaishnav Raj Sabha resolves that Pandit Kunja Behari Vidyabhusan, Secretary of this Sabha, be authorise to stand annual guarantee on behalf of this Sabha, to the extent of Rs. 487/- for a period of ten years as required by the Postmaster-General of Bengal, for installing telegraphic arrangement combined with Sree Mayapur Sub Office.’’

Accordingly the guarantee Bond was executed by Kunja Babu. On a revaluation of the amount of Guarantee by Postmaster-General, a fresh Guarantee Bond was executed by Kunja Babu on 25.1.1937 and registered on the same day.

N.B.—The original resolution with Kunja Babu’s letter may be had from the Postmaster-General and a copy certified by the Postal Department is in the telegraphic guarantes file of the Mission.

On Further reduction of the amount of guarantee a fresh bond is going to be executed by the Secretary of this registered Mission.


Establishment and opening of the ‘Thakur Bhakti Vinode Institute’, as a residential public High School (affiliated under the Calcutta University) in Sree-Mayapur inside the Yogpith centre of the Mission. The Yogpith land and buildings were leased to the Secretary of the School by Srila Prabhupad as the Acharya and owner. (Gaudiya Vol IX, pp. 510, 543, 563).

Sri Ekayan Math of Krishnanagar transferred to Hanskhali (Nadia) present site of the Math (Gaudiya Vol IX page 513).

Establishment of Sri Mahesh Pandits Pat, Chskdaha, a centre of the Mission on the border of Nadia and 24 Parganas. (Gaudiya Vol IX, Page 779).

Installation of the Deity of ‘Sri Nrisimha, Vaman and Varaha at Sri Brahma Gaudiya Math, Alalnath (South of Puri). (Gaudiya Vol IX, page 802).


Foundation of Madras Gaudiya Math in Madras (Gaudiya Vol IX, page 463)

Foundation of new Purusottam Math temple at Puri laid on the land purchased for the Mission by His Highness the Maharaja of Mayurbhanj and partially gifted by the Municipality for the works of the Mission. (Gaudiya Vol X, page 13).

Opening of Sat Sikshya Pradarsani (the unique kind of theistic exhibition) in Baghbazar which continued for over a month and daily attracted about one lakh of visitors of all ranks from city and suburbs. It was an unprecendented scene in the city of Calcutta. (Gaudiya Vol X, page 113).

Starting of ‘Bhagavata’ a fortnightly Hindi Journal of the Mission from Sri Paramahamsa Math at Nimsar, U.P. (Gaudiya Vol X, page 224) (Harmonish Vol XXIX issue (page 192)

Installation of the Deities of ‘Sri Radha-Govinda’ in Sri Gaudiya Math, New Delhi. (Gaudiya Vol X, page 240).

15-02-1931A plot of land was gifted for Sree Gaudiya Math, Madras, one of the preaching centres of the Mission.
23-10-1931Opening of ‘Sri Sri Bhakti Siddhanta Bani Seva Samity’ in Dewanganj (Jalpaiguri) for preaching the tenets of ‘Suddha Bhakti’ (pure devotion) of the Gaudiya Mission in North Bengal. (Harmonist Vol XXIX, issue 6, page 191)
09-10-1931Opening of a public postal account ‘Sri Satchidananda Nath Fund’ in Cuttack to be operated by Secretary Nisi Kanta Sannyal (As in case of Gaudiya Math Fund on 25.5.1922).
30-10-1931Land purchased for Sri Rupa Gaudiya Math in Allahabad one of the preaching centres of the Mission.
1932Laying of foundation stone of the new temple for Madras Gaudiya Math by Srila Prabhupad and installation of the Deities (Gaudiya Vol X, 404 page 403)
27-01-1932His Excellency the Governor of Madras laid foundation stone of the lecture hall ‘Sri Krishna Kirtan Hall’ of Madras Gaudiya Math, the entire cost of construction being donated by Mr. T. Ponirulu Pillai, a merchant of Madras. (Gaudiya Vol C, page 433).
29-01-1932Presentation of Civic Address to Srila Prabhupad by the Madras Municipal Corporation. (Gaudiya Vol X, page 423).
1932Installation of Deities at the Madras Gaudiya Math (Gaudiya Vol X, page 403).
17-05-1931Publication of Paramarth, Oriya fortnightly journal of the Mission. (Harmonist Vol XXX issue I page 30)
June 1932Reception of Prabhupad by His Highness Maharaja of Mysore and listening of His Hari Katha. In reply to the Sanskrit Address of welcome of University Professors an extempore lecture in Sanskrit was delivered by Acharyadeva Sri Srila Bhakti Prasad Puri. Goswami Maharaj. (Gaudiya Vol X, page 733 & Vol XI, page 87; Patravali Vol II, page 110).
July 1932

Foundation of Sri Ramananda Gaudiya Math at Kavur and installation of the Deities. (West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh.)

Installation of Deities in Sri Ramananda Gaudiya Math at Kovur (Gaudiya Vol XII, page 623).


Gift of over one bigha of land, valued at about one lac of rupees, to the west of Calcutta Gaudiya Math premises by the two widows of J. B. Dutt (donor of Gaudiya Math land & buildings).

Foundation of Sri Sarasvata Gaudiya Math at Haridwar, Saharanpur Dt., U. P. (Gaudiya Vol XI, page 229).

Foundation of Samadhi Kunja of Srila Gaur Kishore Babaji Maharaj in Sri Chaitanya Math (Gaudiya Vol XI, page 120)

Kirtan, a monthly journal of the Mission in Assamese language published from Dhubri (Harmonist Vol XXX, issue 4 page 128).

Oct. & Nov. 1932Sri Brajamandal Parikrama or circumambulation in huge procession continuing for a month over 168 miles circuit of the 12 Banas (parts) of Sri Brajadham, the places sanctified with the Lila (Divine activities) of Sri Krishna as discovered by Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. (Gaudiya Vol XI, page 111-112 and page 174).
21-11-1932His Excellency the Governor of U.P. laid the foundation stone of the lecture hall of Sri Rupa Gaudiya Math in Allahbad named as ‘Hailey Hall’ on the invitation of Sri Visva Vaishnav Raj Sabha (Gaudiya Vol XI, page 259).
1933Opening of another theistic exhibition at Dacca. (Gaudiya Vol 11, page 350)
10-04-1933The farewell meeting at Calcutta Gaudiya Math to the Gaudiya Math Preachers on the eve of their voyage to London. (Gaudiya Vol XI, page 494, 495 & 497)

Establishment of a preaching centre in London under the name London Gaudiya Math where subsequently London Gaudiya Mission Society was formed with Lord Setland as the President. (Gaudiya Vol XI, Page 623).

Foundation of London Gaudiya Math in London. This is one of the 64 branch maths of the Gaudiya Mission established by Srila Prabhupad. (Gaudiya, Vol. XI, page 623)

May 1933

Foundation of Sri Gaudiya Math Karyalaya in Bombay (Gaudiya Vol XI, page 636).

Installation of the Deities of ‘Sri Gauranga and Sri Radha Govinda’ in new temple of Sri Tridandi Gaudiya Math at Bhubaneswar in Orissa. (Gaudiya Vol XI, 750).

Theistic exhibition at Kurukshetra Vyas Gaudiya Math (Hariyana) (Gaudiya Vol XII, page 243).


Theistic exhibition at Patna (Bihar). (Gaudiya Vol XII, page 243)

Theistic exhibition at Benares (Gaudiya Vol XII, p. 319, 325)

15-07-1933Land gifted for Amurshi Gaudiya Math, one of the preaching centres of the Mission.

Foundation of Sri Sarbhog Gaudiya Math in Kamrup, Assam, (Gaudiya Vol XXII, issue 9, list of Maths).

Foundation of Patna Gaudiya Math at Patna (Bihar) — (Gaudiya Vol XII, page 322)

01-05-1934Resolution of Sri Visva Vaishnav Raj Sabha (with Kunja Babu in the Chair) deciding opening of Postal Savings Bank Accounts in 13 centres (Maths including Sri Chaitanya Math) of Sri Visva Vaishnav Raj Sabha in the names of different Math Sevaks in charge (among whom plaintiff Paramananda was in charge of Sri Tridandi Gaudiya Math at Bhubaneswar and did correspond from there and Kunja Babu was authorised in that resolution to arrange for the same in correspondence with Postmaster-Generals of different Provinces (original in Krishnanagar Court)

Opening of the new temple of Sri Modadruma Chhatra (birthsite of Srila Brindabandas Thakur) or the Mamgachhi Math of the Mission in the District of Burdwan. (Gaudiya Vol XI, page 468).

Installation of the deities Sri Gauranga and Radha Govinda in Patna Gaudiya Math in Patna (Bihar). (Gaudiya Vol XIII, p. 80)

Harmonist the monthly English journal of the Mission turned into a fortnightly paper (from monthly).

Foundation of Sri Mathura Gaudiya Math at Muttra, U.P. (Gaudiya Vol XIII, Issue 20, List of Maths).

1934Foundation of Sri Kunja Behari Math at Radha Kunda, Mathura, U.P. (Gaudiya Vol. XIII, issue 20, list of Maths).
09-01-1935Land gifted for Darjeeling Gaudiya Math, one of the 64 preaching centres of the Mission in the name of the Secretary of Sri Visva Vaishnava Raj Sabha.
01-02-1935Land acquired for Sri Madhva Gaudiya Math, Dacca, another important preaching centre of the Mission.
1935Grand opening ceremony of the new temple at Sri Yogapith in Sree Mayapur (Nadia) under the Presidentship of His Highness the Maharaja Manikya Bahadur of Tripura State. (Gaudiya Vol 13, page 510)
15-01-1935His Excellency the Governor of Bengal (Sri John Anderson) paid a visit to Sree Mayapur, inspected Sri Chaitanya Math, Sri Yogapith and the environments which pleased His Excellency highly. He had long talks with Srila Prabhupad and was given an address of welcome by Sri Visva Vaishnava Raja Sabha.
1935Srila Prabhupad’s instructions to Mr. J. N. Basu, Solicitor of Messrs. B. N. Basu & Co., for drafting Memorandum and Articles of Association for getting the Mission registered under Act XXI of 1860. The draft was corrected by Srila Prabhupad several times and ultimately made over to Mr. J. N. Basu but could not be registered during the life time of Srila Prabhupad. (Mr. Basu’s deposition in Nadia Title Suit No. 28/37).
April, 1935Foundation of Gaya Gaudiya Math at Gaya (Gaudiya Vol XIII, page 588).
01-06-1935Gaudiya Printing Works, the biggest printing press of the Mission was shifted from Ultadingi to No. 14/4 Kali Prasad Chakravarti Street, Baghbazar, in a house taken on lease by Sripad Ananta Vasudev Vidyabhusan alias Srimad Bhakti Prasad Puri Goswami Thakur, who is the declared keeper, proprietor and printer of the press. (Gaudiya Vol XIII, page 763).
08-07-1935Installation of Dieties ‘Sri Gaurangadev and Sri Radha Govinda in Bombay Gaudiya Math (Gaudiya Vol. XIII, page 763).
28-10-1935Installation of ‘Sri Radha-Madhav and Sri Gaur Gadadhar’ in Sri Braja Syananda Sukhada Kunja (Gaudiya Vol XIV, 205)

Laying the foundation stone of the new temple of Sri Madhya Gaudiya Math, Dacca (Gaudiya Vol XIII, 557, 570).

Installation of Deities of Sri Vinodebilasjiu at Sri Jagannath Gaudiya Math at Mymensingh. (Gaudiya Vol XIII 598)


Foundation of Jayadeva Gaudiya Mathalaya as another centre of the Mission in Sree Mayapur, Nadia. (Approved in Gaudiya Vol XIV, issue 35-36, in the list of Maths)

Foundation of Gaudiya Math at Darjeeling. (Gaudiya Vol XIV page 168).

Completion of the publication of the whole sacred book ‘Srimad Bhagavatam’ Gaudiya Math edition. (Gaudiya Vol XIV, page 34)

04-11-1935Installation of Deities ‘Sri Radha Kunja Vihari and Sriman Mahaprabhu’ at Sri Kunja Behari Math in Radha Kunda, Dt. Mathura in U.P. (Harmonist Vol XXXII, 6, 142 Gaudiya Vol XIII, issue 20, list of Maths) (Gaudiya Vol XIV, page 239).
06-11-1935Laying of ‘Puspa Samadhi’ of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode at Sri Braja Syananda Sukhada Kunja in Radha Kund (Brindaban) Dt. Muttra, U.P. by Srila Prabhupad (Gaudiya (Vol XIV, 16, 205)
13-11-1935Installation of the Deities ‘Sri Radha-Govinda’ at Gaya Gaudiya Math (Harmonist Vol XXXII, 6, 143; Gaudiya XIV, page 254).
04-01-1936Settlement of another portion of Kazi Samadhi Math another preaching centre of the Mission in the name of authority of Mayapur Math (Prabhupad)
07-01-1936Theistic Exhibition at Allahbad. (Gaudiya Vol XIV, 25, 363-365).

Establishment of Thakur Bhakti Vinode Research Institute at Sree-Mayapur (Nadia) for encouraging research and advanced studies in the teachings of Srila Thakur Bhaktivinode and Gaudiya Vishnav literature in general. (Gaudiya Vol XIV, p. 441)

Starting of Daiya Varnasram Sangha at Sri Chaitanya Math for purpose of protection and maintenanace of the status and character of the (practising) religion in its ritualistic aspect as taught and desired by Srila Thakur Bhakti Vinode and followed and preached by the Gaudiya Mission.

(Harmonist Vol XXII, 14, 336).

25-02-1936Foundation of Rudradwip Gaudiya Mathalaya in Nadia as another centre of the Mission near Sree Mayapur in Nadia. (Gaudiya Vol XIV, page 481).
01-03-1936Foundation of Sri Suvarna Vihar Gaudiya Math in Subarna Vihar (near Sree-Mayapur) in Nadia – (Gaudiya Vol XIV, 481). Installation of Deities of ‘Sri Suvarna Viharji and Sri Radha Madhav’ in Subarna Vihar Gaudiya Math. (Gaudiya Vol XIV, 481)
05-03-1936Foundation of Sri Sarvabhaum Gaudiya Math in Vidyanagar (near Nabadwip town) in Burdwan District – (Gaudiya Vol XIV, page 481) and installation of Deities there.
07-03-1936Installation of Deities in Sri Rudradvip Gaudiya Math (Gaudiya Vol XIV, 510).
08-03-1936Foundation of Sri Gaudiya Math in Rangoon (Burma) Gaudiya Vol XIV, 32, 504).
15-03-1936Installation of Deities in Sri Sarbhogh Gaudiya Math in Assam (Gaudiya Vol XIV, 32, 503)
08-05-1936Corporation of Calcutta exempts Gaudiya of Math Calcutta from Payment of consolidated rates under Sec 126(1) of the Calcutta Municipal Act.
March 1936Opening of the new temple and the building known ‘Sri Sadhu Nivas’ (building for residence of Sadhus or holymen) at the new premises of Sri Purusottam Math, Chataka Parbat, Puri, (Gaudiya Vol XIV, page 542)
25-05-1936Entry in the new Templè of the deities ‘Subarnabehari Gaurahari and Radha Madhav’ in Subarnabehari Gaudiya Math (Gaudiya Vol XIV, 759).
04-06-1936Opening of Swasthya Nibash or hospital for special disease in Sri Chaitanya Math, Sree Mayapur (Nadia) (Gaudiya Vol XIV, page 742)
19-07-1936Installation of the Deities ‘Sri Radha Govinda’ in Darjeeling Gaudiya Math (Gaudiya Vol XIV, 49, 760)

Opening the theistic exhibition at Kurukshetra (Gaudiya Vol. XIV, 14, 759).

Foundation of Sri Punra Gaudiya Math in 24 Pargs. (Gaudiya Vol XV, 211)

03-09-1936Opening of a place of Bhajan at Sri Govardhan (Brindaban) in Mathura, U.P. as another centre of the Mission (Gaudiya Vo XV, 7, 111).
Sept. 1936Foundation of Sri Sanket Vihari Math in Barsana, Dt. Mathura U.P. (Gaudiya Vol XV, 110)
1936 Sept to Dec.Srila Prabhupad was feeling unwell during this period. He verbally nominated Sripad Ananta Vasudev Brahmachari alias Sri Srimad Bhakti Prasad Puri Goswami Thakur to the next Acharya and expressed his desire for electing a Governing Body from amongst the members of the Mission for its management.
March 1936Construction of the new temple of Srikshetrapal Siva’ within the compound of Sri Yogapith of Sree Mayapur (Calcutta Vol XIV page 580)
01-01-1937Disappearance of Sri Srila Prabhupad from this world in the early morning at Baghbazar Gaudiya Math in the presence of a very large number of disciples and the public. Many distinguished persons including H. H. the Governor of Bengal sent condolence messages.

Governing Body of 13 members formed by election in a general meeting of disciples held at Calcutta Gaudiya Math in which the plaintiff No. 1 took a leading part for better management of the Math and properties of the Mission and for framing detailed rules and regulations and scheme of management for conduct of the Mission in the lines of instructions left by Srila Prabhupad inconformity with the customs and practices prevailing in this Mission. The thirteen members so elected were :

  • M.M. Pandit Sripad Ananta Vasudeb Brahmachari alies Srimad Bhakti Prasad Puri Goswami Thakur, the next Acharya of the Mission.
  • H.H. Tridandi Goswami Srila Bhakti Pradip Tirtha Maharaj.
  • M.M. Pandit Sripad Sundarananda Vidyabinode, B.A.
  • Prof. Nisikanta Sanyal, Bhaktisudhakar, M.A.
  • Sri Jatindra Kumar Ghosh, B.A., Bhaktibandhab
  • Sri Binode Behary Brahmachari
  • Sri Sakhi Charan Ray, Bhaktibejoy
  • Sri Atul Chandra Banerjee, Bhaktisaranga
  • Babu Kunja Behari Vidyabhusan
  • Babu Paramanda Vidyaratna
  • Tridandi Swami Bhakti Vivek Bharati
  • Tridandi Swami Bhakti Vilas Gavasti Nemi


Kunja Babu‘s telegram to Sripad Sundarananda Prabhu to postpone printing and publication of the special issue of the Gaudiya under the caption ‗Acharya Viraha Samkhya‘ as he wanted to make some alterations in the manuscript regarding the last instructions of Srila Prabhupad which alterations when published were found to

be a perversion of the real instructions left by Prabhupad.


Publication of the special issue of the ‗Gaudiya‘ named ‗Acharya Viraha Samkhya‘ publishing the last instructions of Srila Prabhupad regarding management of

Gaudiya Mission (as altered and perverted by Kunja Babu).


News published in the Daily news paper ‗Advance‘ regarding the formation of the



Governing Body of the Gaudiya Mission in a meeting of the members held at

Gaudiya Math on 10-01-1937.


Execution of the Guarantee Bond for payment to P.M.G. of the revised amount of Rs. 346/- (reduced from the original estimate of Rs. 436/-) per annum for 10 years for the Telegraph Office of Sree Mayapur within the compound of Sri Chaitanya Math by Babu Kunja Behari Vidyabhusan as Secretary and on behalf of Sri Visva

Vaishnava Raj Sabha. The Bond was registered.


Kunja Babu‘s letter to Prof. N. K. Sanyal, M.A., assuring his (Kunja Babu‘s ) own eternal allegiance at the feet of the Acharya Srila Ananta Vasudev Vidyabhusan

alias Sri Srimad Bhakti Prasad Puri Goswami (defendant No.1).


Kunja Babu, a petty clerk in the Postal Department purchased in the name of his wife a valuable Zaminadary property consisting of 505.55 acres of land in his native place. This fact when known subsequently to the members of the Mission gave rise to suspicion about Kunja Babu‘s honesty culminating in his defalcation of the Mission‘s moneys in his custody. The members of the Mission then demanded immediate submission of accounts from Kunja Babu who continued to defer the matter with some plea or other and in order to avoid the liability Kunja Bau

ultimately left the Mission and applied for probate of an antiquated will of 1923.


A meeting of the Governing Body held at Decca decided to offer Vyas Puja Homage to the defendant No. 1 the new Acharya of the Mission, Srila Ananta Vasudev Vidyabhusan alias B. P. Puri, on the auspicious occasion of Sri Vyas Puja

(day of Advent of Srila Prabhupad).


In the public meeting at Sri Madhva Gaudiya Math at Decca attended by over two thousand respectable persons ‗Sri Vyas Puja Homage‘ written by Prof. N. K. Sanyal, M. A. was formally read out and offered at the Lotus Feet of Sri Srila Acharyadeva.

Grand opening ceremony of the newly constructed premises of Dacca Madhya Gaudiya Math when a unique procession from the former premises to the new premises through all principal streets attended by thousands was organized. The ceremony was an epoch making one in Dacca and was performed under the spiritual guidance of the new Acharya.


A meeting of the Governing Body of the Gaudiya Mission held at Sree Mayapur in Sri Chaitanya Math in the morning formally declared unanimously Srila Ananta Vasudev Vidyabhuan alias B. P. Puri as the Acharya or spiritual Head of the Mission in succession to Srila Prabhupad and it was further resolved that Kunja Babu the previous secretary would continue to be the Secretary of the Mission. Almost all the members of the Governing Body were present in this meeting

including the plaintiff Kunja Babu who took a leading part in the deliberations of the meeting.


The above declaration of the Governing Body was announced in the annual public meeting of the Mission held in Sree Mayapur at Sri Yogpith in the evening attended by several thousand disciples, followers and other respectable people of Srila Ananta Vasudev Brahmachari (alias B. P. Puri) the new Acharya was garlanded by all distinguished disciples including Kuja Babu who was first to garland and pay obeisance and the Acharyadeva was formally installed as the Acharya of the Mission amidst loud ovations in the presence of the amidst loud and

unanimous acclamation of all members and disciples of the Mission including members and representatives of all the 64 Maths of the Mission on that occasion.


The above news of the formal declaration of Srila A. V. Brahmachari alias B. P. Puri as the next Acharya was sent by Kunja Babu as Secretary of the Mission under

his signature to the press agencies for publication in newspapers and subsequently



this news was published in almost all prominent papers.


Kunja Babu as the Secretary of the Mission issued invitation letters to the public and also sent notices for being published in newspapers inviting the public to attend. A reception meeting in honour of the present Acharya Srila Ananda Vasudev Vidyabhusan (alias B. P. Puri) to be held at Calcutta Gaudiya Math on 18- 04-1937 when many respectable people came to the Math although subsequently Kunja Babu surreptitiously caused a notice to be published in that day‘s Newspaper

A. B. Patrika announcing postponement on the ground of Srila Acharyadev‘s alleged illness.


Secretary Kunja Babu‘s letter to Sealdha Station Superintendent, N. N. Ray, for change from the usual platform to the bigger one for the train by which Srila Acharyadeva was to reach Calcutta and for allowing a procession inside that

platform to receive the new Acharya of Gaudiya Mission on his arrival in Calcutta.


Secretary Kunja Babu‘s telegram to Sripad Sundarananda Vidyabinode (Secretary of the Mission) at Dacca postponement the Calcutta meeting for reception of Acharyadev. The said news of the postponement was also announced by Kunja Babu in the A. B. Patrika on 18-04-1937 yet many people came to Gaudiya Math to attend that meeting.

Note – For this unauthorized conduct of Kunja Babu, difference of opinion arose between the members and Kunja Babu. On the arrival of Acharyadeva a meeting of the Governing Body was to be held in which Kunja Babu, the Secretary, was to submit a statement of accounts with a statement of all assets and liabilities of the Mission. The real intention of Kunja Babu was to avoid submission of accounts and for that purpose he wanted to postpone the meeting of the Governing Body by keeping away the Acharyadev.


Kunja Babu from this time began to hold secret meetings in the house of the widows of J. B. Dutt with some members of the Mission whom he induced to support his unconstitutional conduct namely B. S. Parvat, B. H. Bon, B. H. Bharati,

B. V. Gavvasti Nemi, Siddha Svarup Brahmachari, Krishnananda Brahmachari, Haripada Vidyaratna, Paramandanda Vidyaratna (Plff No. 1) and a new others.


Opening by Srila Acharyadeva, the Telegraph Office newly installed and combined with Sree-Mayapur Departmental Sub Post Office within Sri Chaitanya Math in the

‗Bando Building‘ where it is still now situated.


Kunja Babu on a false pretext of his son‘s illness at home left Calcutta Gaudiya Math with his bags and baggage‘s including big boxes of the Misison previously removed to J. B. Dutt‘s house quite secretly which was subsequently learnt on

enquiry after he had left.


Publication of a small Bengali Book named ‗Guru Prestha‘ under the signature of the aforesaid persons who had formed a clique with Kunja Babu and with a forward by his strong all and co-plaintiff Paramanda. The pamphlet showed the importance of Kunja Babu but admitted that the Governing Body was formed in compliance with the last wishes of Srila Prabhupad.

Note – Simultaneously some anonymous letters regarding alleged disagreement in the selection of Acharyadeva were published from time to time in several newspapers which were promptly contradicted by the Mission. In this connection Paramananda‘s (Plff No. 1) letter dated to Amulya Babu may be of interest and also importance.


From this Kunja Babu‘s henchmen began to leave Calcutta Gaudiya Math secretly.



Towards the latter part of May, 1937, Kunja Babu and his henchmen were

discovered to be living at No. 41, Theatre Road, wine shop of Messrs O.N. Mukherji & Sons).


A false criminal case of defalcation against Triguna Nath Mukherjee, an employee of Messrs. J. B. Dutt & Co., and disciple of the Math owing allegiance to Srila Acharyadev, was instituted at the instance of Kunja Babu (defector Manager of J.

B. Dutt) as the said Triguna Babu refused to go against the Math and to side with Kunja Babu.


(Early morning) – The remaining few persons of Kunja Babu‘s party suddenly left Gaudiya Math and the Mission with their bags and Baggages while the other members of the Mission had remained engaged along with a number of respectable citizens of Calcutta in receiving the Acharyadeva Ananta Vasudeva Vidyabhusan (B.P. Puri) on his arrival at Sealdah Station.

Srila Acharyadev Ananta Vasudev Vidyabhusan (B.P. Puri) arrived in Calcutta at 8

a.m. and a big public reception meeting was held in Gaudiya Math in his honour with Prof. M. M. Bose, M.A. in the Chair. In this meeting addresses were presented to the Acharyadev by the members of the Gaudiya Math.


Open propaganda of Kunja Babu‘s party was launched against Srila Acharyadev and the Mission by issue and distribution of a leaflet with heading ‗Pratibad‘ signed by Kunja Babu and his party men. The same leaflet was also published in the

‗Amrita Bazar Patrika‘ and Advance‘.

Several other leaflets and newspaper publications of the like nature were also published in quick succession.


In an emergent meeting of the Governing Body (attended by Acharyadeva) Kunja Babu was suspended from his Secretaryship. Prof. N. K. Sanyal, M.A. Bhaktisudhakar being elected General Secretary in his place, and Kunja Babu was held responsible for removing and causing removal of various properties of the Mission and for creating rupture and for making false propaganda against the Mission. The resolutions were sent to Kunja Babu under registered post and copies thereof were taken by P.MG., B & A Circle through the Inspector, North Calcutta.

Kunja Babu‘s reply to Prof. N. K. Sanyal in this connection is of much importance.


Kunja Babu and his party opened at 114A Lansdowne Road a rival institution styled and named ‗Gaudiya Math, South Calcutta‘ which was hold in Nadia Title

suit Judgment as no part the Mission.


Publication of a Bengali handbill named ‗Gaudiya Mission Samparkey Sadharaner Pratinivedan‘ under signature of the General Secretary of the Mission, Prof. N. K. Sanyal, in protest of the aforesaid actions of Kunja Babu in collusion with Paramananda, (the Plff No.1) applied in the High Court for probate of a will of Prabhupad alleged to have been executed on 18th May, 1923, presumably with the avowed object of Kunja Babu‘s avoiding liability of accounts and for the purpose

of usurping power of management through this device.


Special citation issued on Acharyadeva Sripad Ananta Vasudev Brahmachari (alias

B.P. Puri).


Formal Homage Address was presented by the members of the Mission of the new Acharya of the Mission in a public meeting held at the Calcutta Gaudiya Math, (Gaudiya Vol. XV, issue 45, page 10).

Solicitor R. M. Sen‘s letter on behalf of the Mission to Kunja Babu demanding return of Mission‘s properties secretly removed from the premises of the Mission on or before 31-05-1937.



The preacher in charge of the London Gaudiya Mission Society was presented before their Majesties in Buckingham place, London, by the Marquess of Zetland,

Secretary of state for India and President of the London Gaudiya Mission Society (Gaudiya Vol. XV, issue, 45 page 16).


Petition under section 3 of Act XIV of 1920 was filed in the Court of the District Judge at Krishnanagar by 7 disciples of Prabhupad and members of the Mission calling for accounts from Kunja Babu who was the Secretary and Cashier of the

Mission for the long time.


Triguna Mukherjee, employee of J. B. Dutt & Co., (charged on 27-05-1937) was acquitted of the criminal charge brought at the instance of Kunja Babu for party

feeling as held by the Judgment of the Presidency Magistrate of Calcutta.


Kunja Babu and Paramananda applied for appointment of receiver of the properties

of the Mission on the probate application being contented.


Issue of another printed appeal to the public by the Mission in English warning the public of the wrongful of Kunja Babu and his party having no connection with the Mission and distribution thereof at the Ashutosh Hall in the public meeting held under Chairmanship of Hon‘ble Mr. Justice C. C. Biswas. In this meeting a lecture was delivered by a Sannyasi of the Mission on the subject of Message of the

Vedanta‘ (Gaudiya Vol. XVI issue 7 page 107).


The meeting of the general body of members of the Mission held at Calcutta Gaudiya Math unanimously resolved that (1) all members should shun the company of succeeds viz., Kunja and his party, (2) (a) that the succeeds including Kunja Babu has no connection with the Math and the Mission and (b) that the so-called South Calcutta Math was no part of the Mission and (3) that Kunja Babu, Parananda, Bharati, Nemi and Bon be formally removed from membership of the

Governing Body and four other persons be co-opted in their place.


In a meeting of the Governing Body the names of Kunja Babu and his aforesaid party men were, as directed by the general body, removed form the list of members of the Governing Body on account of their various misconducts and Kunja Babu was removed from Secretary ship and Prof. N. K. Sanyal, M. A., elected Secretary

in his place.


A criminal defamation case was filed by B. S. Parbat of Kunja Babu‘s party (admittedly at the instance of Kunja Babu) against five principal members of the Governing Body of the Mission including the Acharyadeva, the General Secretary, the Chairman and the Editor of Gaudiya for defaming Kunja Babu and others in the

Mission‘s printed appeal to the public as aforesaid (publicity distributed on 04-09- 1937).


A meeting of the Governing Body effecting reconstitution of the Governing Body was effected as directed in the general meeting 12-09-1937 by co-option of B. S. Giri, Mahananda Brahmachari, S. N. Roy Choudhury and Advocate Brajabaswan Prasad as member of the Governing Body in place of Kunja Babu and his party men as aforesaid. Prof. N. K. Sanyal Bhaktisudhakar was confirmed as General

Secretary of the Mission and Kunja Babu together with his party man formally declared seceder from the Gaudiya Mission.


On receipt of a properly executed document styled as Trustee Neyoga Patra signed by all members of the Gaudiya Math and other disciples, the Governing Body of the Mission in their meeting appointed Acharyadev Srila Ananta Vasudev Brahmachari (alias B. P. Puri) as Trustee of the Calcutta Gaudiya Math (premises No. 16A, Kali Prasad Chakravarti Street) in accordance with the terms of the deeds dated 27-08-1928 and 16-10-1930 executed by Jagabandhu Dutta creating the Trust

in respect of the said premises No. 16A, Kali Prasad Chakravarti Street, Calcutta (Gaudiya Math).



In order to avoid liability of accounts in the account case filed on 29-06-1937 in Nadia District Judge‘s Court, Kunja Babu filed a Title Suit No. 28 of 1937 in the Sub Judge‘s Court of Nadia for declaration of the properties of the Gaudiya Mission as private trust and not public on which basis account was demanded from

Kunja Babu by 7 members of the Mission in accordance with which Kunja Babu was directed by the District Judge to render accounts.


In a meeting of the Syndicate of the Calcutta University Kunja Babu‘s various false applications with serious allegations against Sree-Mayapur High School (Thakur Bhakti Vinode Institute) of the Mission were rejected. (Letter No. S. 4828/Pro 294

dated 10-12-1937.


High Court‘s order by consent of parties of appointment of Mr. S. C. Dev, solicitor

as Receiver in the probate proceedings.


In a general meeting of the members and disciples of the Gaudiya Mission held at Sri Chaitanya Math, Sree Mayapur, Nadia, the seceeders Kunja Babu and Paramananda were removed from trusteeship of Sri Chaitanya Math, Acharyadeva Srila Ananta Vasudeva Barahmachari (alias B. P. Puri) remaining sole trustee of Sri Chaitanya Math. The reasons for this resolutions / was that the said 3 persons were described as trustees in some documents in favour of the Math. They were not trustee in the real sense nor they were ever appointed trustees of the Math but the description being loosely used in respect of any member in whose name any document in favour of the Math was taken.

There was also a resolution confirming the appointment of Acharyadeva Srila Ananta Vasudeb Brahmachari (alias B. P. Puri) as the Trustee of the Gaudiya Math in terms of the deeds of settlement of J. B. Dutt.


A huge public condolence meeting on the passing away of Prabhupad from this world was held in Sri Chaitanya Math in Sree Mayapur under the president ship of Mahamahopadhyaya Pandit Pramatha Nath Tarkabhusar.

(Gaudiya Vol. XVI, issue 22 page 275)


Visit to the Gaudiya Math of H. H. the Maharaja Gaekwad Bahadur of Baroda State along with Maharaja Sri P. C. Tagore, Sri A. H. Ghaznyir, Sri H. S. Paul, Sri

H. S. Suhrawardy and many other prominent persons.

(Gaudiya Vol. XVI, issue 22 page 376)


Written Statement in Title suit of Kunja Babu in Nadia Sub Judge‘s Court was

filled by 7 members of the Mission (the defendants) who were applicants in the account suit against Kunja Babu.


Installation of Deities in Rangoon Gaudiya Math (Gaudiya 16th Year page 529).

Foundation of ‗Sridhar Angan‘ another centre of the Mission near Sree Mayapur (Nadia).


Installation of Deities in the Saraswata Gaudiya Math at Haridwar (Gaudiya 16th

year page 630).


Installation of the Deity of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu at Sri Gaudiya Math, Gaya

(Gaudiya 16th year page 678).


Installation of the Deity of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in Delhi Gaudiya Math

(Gaudiya 16th year page 630).


Plaintiff Kunja Babu in secret collusion with two windows of J. B. Dutta fraudulently surrendered the most valuable Mission‘s land adjoining the Math worth about one lakh of rupees in favour of the plaintiffs of High Court suit No. 1975 of 1932 and allowed a consent decree to be passed therein. The matter was

absolutely kept conceable from the members of the Gaudiya Math.


H. H. Srila Tirtha Maharaj‘s lecture on Loksikshak Thakur Bhakti Vinode at

Ashutosh College Hall, in a public meeting under the Presidenship of the Hon‘able



Justice Dr. Bijan K. Mukherjee D. L. (Gaudiya Vol. XVII, issue 6-7th page 51).


Sripad Sundarananda Vidyabinode‘s lecture at Ashutosh College Hall on ‗Gaudiya Sahitya O Darshane Thakur Bhaktivinode‘ in  a public meeting under the

Presidentship of Prof. M. M. Bose. (Gaudiya Vol. XVII, issue 6-7th page 51).


Judgment in the Alipur Criminal defamation case institute by B. S. Parvat of Kunja Babu‘s party acquitting all the accused on the findings that Kunja Babu and his party were seceders and the Math authorities were quite justified in publishing the

leaflet in question.


Amritananda, a member of the Mission, filed a petition under section 107 Cr. P. C. at Krishnanagar against some men of Kunja Babu‘s party for setting men against



Kunja Babu, purporting to act on behalf of Mr. P. N. Ghosh Receiver attempted to

take forcible possession of properties with the help of hooligans who attacked the temples of Sree Mayapur which could be stopped only through police help.


Mr. S. C. Chatterjee of Hindu Sabha sent a wire to the Chief Secretary at

Darjeeling appealing for police protection for Maths and temples of the Mission whereupon public help was granted.


A petition in prom intercessor in the High Court Testamentary Suit was filed by four members of the Mission before the Hon‘ble Mr. Justice Nassim Ali, the vacation Judge for restraining the Receiver Mr. P. M. Ghosh from taking possession of any property or taking further action regarding possession of any

property of the Mission as per schedule and order of restraint was passed on the said Receiver as well as on the parties in the testamentary suit.


Opening of Sree Vidyanidhi Gaudiya Math first names as Sree Saraswata Gaudiya

Math, a centre of the Mission in Chittagang (Gaudiya Vol. XVII, page 383).


Prof. Jatindra M. Ghosh of A. M. College, Mymensingh, filed against Kunja Babu and 15 others of Kunja Babu‘s party a criminal defamation case for systematic defamatory vilifications against many members of the Mission including the Acharyadev in the various issues of Kunja Babu‘s rival paper ‗Pakshik Gaudiya‖. The accused persons pleaded guilty and on apology being tendered the case was withdrawn by the said professor.

Note : The vilifications published in the Pakshik Gaudiya against many members proved effective in as much as many of the members who were most scathingly vilified have now been won over by Kunja Babu and they are now Kunja Babu‘s

liutenants for fighting against the Mission.


Installation of Deity of Sridhar Pandit (Sri Chaitanya‘s contemporary) at Sridhar

Angan, one of the Maths out of 64. (Gaudiya Vol. XVII, issue 32-33, page 558)


Judgment was delivered in Kunja Babu‘s Title Suit by the Sub Judge of Krishnanagar dismissing Kunja Babu‘s suit and declaring (1) Gaudiya Mission as public, religious and charitable trust, (2) Yogapith Sri Mandir, Sribash Angan etc. of Sri Mayapur from the time of Thakur Bhakti Vinode as belonging to and included in the Gaudiya Mission, (3) London Gaudiya Mission Society also belonging to the Gaudiya Mission and (4) the Lansdowne residence of Kunja Babu‘s party styled as ‗South Calcutta Gaudiya Math‘ as no part of the Mission and

(5) Kunja Babu as trustee de son tort of the Mission liable to account from 01-01- 1937 to 28-04-1937.

End of May 1939

Binode Babu (who was in conspiracy with Kunja Babu) suddenly by force removed from Krishnanagar Math two big steel trunks containing all papers concerning different law suits, and other documents of the Mission and also stopped return of other documents filled in Naida sub Judges Court by the Mission through him.

Bindoe and Sakhi Babu admitted before the Secretary Professor N. K. Sanyal, that



the said boxes were removed in the house of Babu Sakhi Charan Roy at Calcutta.


Acceptance of the Fourth order of Sanyas by Srila Acharyadev (Srila Ananta Vasudava Barhmachari) at Gaya and he came to be known as His Holiness Srimad

B. P. Puri as at present. (Gaudiya Vol. XVIII, issue 1 page 11)


Kunja Babu and his party assisted by Punjabi goondas assaulted 10 members of the Mission for forcible occupation of Calcutta Gaudiya Math.

On intimation the Police appeared on the seen resulting in proceeding under sec

107 Cr. P. C. started on 26-08-1939, which was subsequently dropped on an undertaking given by Kunja Babu on 27-02-1940 not to create any further breach of peace.


Kunja Babu‘s men filed in Presidency Magistrate‘s Court a petition on false

allegations against some members of the Calcutta Gaudiya Math but the petition was subsequently withdrawn.


A concocted petition of Suren Gope of Kunja Babu‘s party was filed before the Presidency Magistrate of Calcutta under Section 324 Cr. P. C. against Math members which could not be proved and ultimately the petition had to be withdrawn on 01-03-1940 Calcutta Police started as case u/s 107 Cr. P. C. against

11 members of each side before the Presidency Magistrate, Calcutta.


Lastly, the situation was made so hot that the Calcutta Gaudiya Math members were forced to file a petition u/s 144 Cr. P.C. against Kunja Babu and 36 others of his party and the Calcutta Presidency Magistrate issued a prohibitory order on the

latter (for the day of Janmastami).


On the petition of some members of the Governing Body, the Nadia Magistrate passed similar order of restraint u/s 144 Cr. P. C. against Binode Babu and other members of Kunja Babu‘s camp and finally they were directed to abstain from any

act which would disturb the possession of the Governing Body.


Another petition of Calcutta Math members u/s 144 Cr. P. C. had to be filled against Kunja Babu and his party and the Presidency Magistrate of Calcutta issued

order of restraint on the latter.


Final order of the Calcutta Presidency Magistrate u/s 144 Cr. P. C. permanently restraining Kunja Babu and his party from any act of violence against the

administration of the Mission.


Order passed by Nadia Magistrate u/s 144 Cr. P. C. restraining Kunja Babu and several men of his party from creating any disturbance or interference with the possession and administration of the Governing Body of the Mission which was in

charge of management of Sri Chaitanya Math and other Maths and properties of the Mission.


In a general meeting of the members and disciples of the Mission the Governing Body was directed to take legal help to place the constitution of the Mission, as per resolution of the general meeting of 10-01-1937, on a legal foundation and to get the same registered as intended by Srila Prabhupad (in his instructions to Mr. J. N.

Babu, Solicitor or Messrs, B. N. Basu & Co.


Barbarous murder of Bhakta Karnadhar Barhmachari, a true and devoted sevak of Sri Chaitanya Math of Sri Mayapur (Nadia) as a result of riotous attack and assault by a member or seceder belonging to Kunja Babu‘s party assisted by a number of holligangs with a view to take forcible possession of Sri Chaitanya Math by ousting

the members of the Mission.


Sudden passing away of the General Secretary of the Gaudiya Mission Mahamahopadesak Pandit Narayandas Bhakti. – Sudhakar (Prof. N. K. Sanyal, M.

A.) at Calcutta Gaudiya Math, (Gaudiya Vol. XVIII issue 32, page 474)


Withdrawal of petition of the case u/s 324 dated 26-08-1939 of Suren Gope against



Calcutta Math members whereon Presidency Magistrate of Calcutta remarked that

the prosecution evidence could not at all prove the case.


In   a    meeting    of   the   Governing    Body   Mahamahopadesak    Pandit   Sripad Sundarananda Vidyabinode, B. A., was elected Secretary of the Gaudiya Mission in

place of late Prof. N. K. Sanyal, M. A., Bhaktisudhakar.


In a general meeting of the members of the Mission the constitution of the Gaudiya Mission as revised an settled by Mr. G. P. Sanyal, Advocate and Mr. J. M. Basu, solicitor (vide resolution of 10-01-1937) was approved, adopted and direction was

given for getting the same regard.


Mission‘s constitution as approved by the general meeting was registered under Act

XXI of 1860 through Messrs. B. N. Basu and Co. solicitors of Calcutta.


Grant of Probate to executors of the alleged Will.


In a meeting of the Governing Body amalgamation of Brahma Madhav Gaudiya Sravan Sadan of Russulkonda (Ganjam) with Gaudiya Math Office of Berhampur

was decided upon for facility of administration and it was done subsequently.


On the petition of some members of the Governing Body, the Magistrate of Nadia passed order u/s 144 Cr. P. C. restraining some members of Kunja Babu‘s party from disturbing the proceeding of Governing Body in respect of Bhagavat Press of

Krishnanagar belonging to the Mission.


Charge of murder farmed by Nadia Magistrate after judicial enquiry against a

number of persons of Kunja Babu‘s party in connection with murder of Karnadhar Brahmachari of Sri Chaitanya Math on 27-01-1940.


Conviction by the Sessions Court of Nadia of 8 persons belonging to the party of Kunja Babu for the murder of Karnadhar Brahmachari at Sri Chaitanya Math in Sree Mayapur on 27-01-1940.

–          An appeal was preferred by the accused in the High Court but the conviction was upheld.

–          The Secretary of the Governing Body filed T. S. No. 8/40 in 1st Munsiff‘s Court, Krishnanagar claiming recovery of certain money due to Bhagavat Press from Collector of Nadia and for restraining Binode Babu of Kunja Babu‘s camp and his constituted attorney form realizing the said money and the case was decided in favour of the Governing Body and the outstanding sum of Rs. 1,278=15 was paid to the Secretary of the Gaudiya Mission by the Collector of Nadia.


Passing away of H. H. Sripad B. S. Bhagavat Maharaj a very aged Sanyasi of the Mission in Sree Mayapur formerly a members of the Government Medical Sevice and his Samadhi was laid in Sribash Angan near that of H. H. Srimad B. S. Puri

Maharaj (Gaudiya Vol. XIX, issue 4, page 64).


Alleged sale of the adjoining land of the Calcutta Gaudiya Math by the widow of J.

B. Dutt to Anitendra and Ashitendra Mitra at a nominal value. The Mission was quite unaware of the fact till the buyers attempted to take possession in 1942 when suit No. 203/42 had to be filed by the Mission in the Calcutta High Court for cancellation of this sale deed.


Plaint of the present High Court suit No. 2159/40 filled by Kunja Babu and Paramananda against the Acharya (B. P. Puri) and Secretary (Sundarananda

Vidyabinode, B.A.) of the Gaudiya Mission.


Defendant No. 1 appeared in the matter of petition for appointment of Receiver in

High Court suit No. 2159/40.


Affidavits were filed in opposition to the above by defendants.


Affidavits in reply to above filled by plaintiffs. Many admissions have been made

herein rather supporting the Mission‘s case.


On the petition of the Governing Body against some persons of Kunja Babu‘s party



who had forcibly ousted the members of the Mission from Sri Rupa Gaudiya Math, Allahabad, order was passed u/s 145 Cr. P. C. in respect of the said Rupa Gaudiya Math and possession of the Governing Body was declared and the same restored to the Governing Body by the City Magistrate of Allahabad. In this case the plaintiffs Paramananda and Kunja Babu filed written statement and gave deposition on 08-

08-1940. Their constituted attorney Binode Babu also filed another written statement. These may be interesting for the present High Court case also.


Written statement of defendant No. 2 (Sripad Sundarananda Vidyabinode, the

Secretary of the Gaudiya Mission) was filed in Court in Suit No. 2159/40.


Motion against Allahabad Magistrate‘s order u/s 145 Cr. P. C. Re : Sri Rupa Gaudiya Math preferred by Kunja Babu‘s men was rejected by the Sessions Court

of Allahabad.


Petition was filled on behalf of the Governing Body for theft of Mission‘s book and other articles from Hanskhali Ekayan Math (Nadia) against Kujna Babu‘s men who

were convicted and most of the stolen goods were rediscover from their possession by Police on search.


Sessions Court of Nadia dismissed the appeal preferred by Kunja Babu‘s men against the Nadia Magistrate‘s conviction of Kunja Babu‘s aforesaid men for theft.

These Judgments are very interesting from various points of view.


Application of Defendant No. 2 for the trial of a preliminary issue of the plaintiffs and defendant No. 1 were at all appointed Service by the will of Prabhupad as pleaded which was averted by the plaintiffs by praying for amendment of the



Foundation of Lucknow Gaudiya Math at Lucknow (U.P.). Installation of Deities

in Lucknow Gaudiya Math (Gaudiya 19th year, page 785).


Plaintiffs allowed to amend the plaint in this High Court Suit No. 2159 of 1940 on

the preliminary issue raised and the plaint was amended.


Installation of Deities in Mathura Gaudiya Math, Muttra (Gaudiya 20th Year, Page



Final order or the District Judge of Nadia in the account case holding that Kunja Babu hand seceded from the Mission, founded a separate institution, misappropriated large sums of money and other properties of the public religious trust named the Gaudiya Mission and was liable to account which he has not submitted and consequently liable for breach for trust u/s 92 or Civil procedure Code to which the petitioners may had recourse without previous sanction of the

Advocate General.


Plaint filed in the original side of the H. C. Suit No. 203/42 by Sripad Sundarananda Vidyabinode, Secretary of the Gaudiya Mission for the cancellation of sale deed of the windows of J. B. Dutt dated 04-10-1940 against the buyers, the

windows and Kunja Babu who had been a party to decree in Suit No.1975/32 on 17-06-1938.


Mis. Case 39 of 37 final order passed by S. Gupta.


W.S. by draft No. 1


Order for interim injunction passed.


Suit No. 142 of 1944 Anitindra Nath Mittra & Ors.-Vs- Sundarananda Vidyabinode



Petition of S. Vidyabindoe Def. No. 2 calling for record in Nadia. Suit No. 28 of 37

affirmed by Bhujanga Bhusan Sarkar.


Meeting of the council, High Court settlement in T. s. 2159 discussed.


Governing Body meeting: Resolution requesting Additional Secretary to bring the

suit to a finality.



G. B. meeting: Resolution – Resolved that Addl. Secy. Be requested for settling the

H. C. Suit in terms of the compromise.

Resolved that Special congregation of members be held on 25-01-1948 for consideration of the proposed terms of compromise of T. S. 2159 and partition of properties.


Terms of settlement between the parties in suit No. 2159.


Special congregation of Gaudiya Mission consider and direct for compromise.


Master‘s Summons to the parties of 2159. Re : addition of deities and Guardian.


Full terms of settlement with Schedule of properties allotted to the parties.


Paper publication in T. S. 2159 under order I Rule VIII in Amrita Bazar Patrika and

Ananda Bazar Patrika.


Compromise decreed in suit 2159.


News of compromise in H. C. Suit published in Amrita Bazar Patrika.


Eight Annual General Meeting of Gaudiya Mission Special congregation held on

25-01-1948 confirmed.


Resignation of Ananta Vasudev from Gaudiya Mission accepted.


Demise of Tridandi Swami Srila Tirtha Maharaj President and Acharyay of

Gaudiya Mission.


Tridandi Swami Sri Srila Bhakti Keval Oudolomi Maharaj selected as President

and Acharya of Gaudiya Mission.


Resignation of S. Vidyabinode from Secretaryship accepted.


T. S. No. 25 of 1956 (D. J. Nadia) under see 92 of C. P. C. filed then Number T. S. 134 of 57 (S. J. Nadia) in Krishnagar Court by

1.  Asram Maharaj

2.  Amritananda

3.  Khapanak Brahmachari and four other. Vs.

1. Kunja, 2. Ananta Vasudeb, 3. Sundaranda. 4. Bhababandhachid representing Gaudiya Mission.


Injunction petition filed by plaintiffs.


Will of Miss D. C. Bowtell regarding donoation of Building land of London, UK to

Gaudiya Mission.


Petition by Gaudiya Mission praying for hearing of preliminary points.


W. S. by Gaudiya Mission.


Plaintiffs petition for temporary injunction is rejected with Costa.


Suit No. T. S. 134 of 57 (S. J. Nadia) dismissed on contest without Costa on the

preliminary points that the suit is not maintainable in law.


F. A. 371 of 1959 filed in High Court Civil appellate Jurisdiction against decree in

T. S. 134 of 57, Nadia.


Passing away of Spd. Bhababandhachit Das Adhikari Additional Secretary.


T. Suit No. 56 of 60 filed by

1.  Jajabar Maharaj

2.  B. S. Sajjan Maharaj and others. Vs.

1.   Gaudiya Mission

2.   Kunja and other filed.


T. S. 56 of 60 Notice under order I Rule VIII published in local paper and in

Amrita Bazar Patrika.


Kunja and Paramananda filed W. S.


Gaudiya Mission filed W. S. in T. S. 56 of 1960.



T. S. 56 of 1960 issued No. 1, 2, 3, & 5 are taken up for preliminary hearing. Final

order passed. Barred U/S 92 and Court has no jurisdiction. Plaint and power returned on contest for presentation to appropriate Court.


Mis. Appeal No. 75 of 1962 (D. J. Nadia) filed by

1.  Jajabar, 2. B. S. Sajjen Maharaj, 3, Paramananda


1. Gaudiya Mission, 2. Kunja & Ors.


H. C. Suit No. 250 of 1963 served on Secretary, President and some members of

Governing Body by Plaintiff of opposition party.


F. A. 371 of 1959 Amrittenanda Swears. Affidavit to withdraw their F. A. 371 on

the ground that T. S. 250 of 1963 has been filed in H. C. by some other disciples.


Mis. Appeal No. 75 of 1962 in district Judge‘s Court, Nadia against the order of 2nd

Munsiff, Krishnanagar in T.S. 56/60 dismissed for non-prosecution.

1963– 1964

Bhakti Patra Publication started form Bhagawat Press Krishnanagar under editorship of Sri Brojendra Nandan Das (M.A.)


Passing away of Spd. Sundarananda Vidya Vinode Additional Secretary & Editor of weekly Gaudiya.

1966– 1967

Land gifted for construction of Gaudiya Math temple at Gaya by Sri Kantalal & others.

1966– 1967

BhumiPuja for construction of temple at Motinagar, Lucknow.


Temple entry celebration at Gaudiya Math, Lucknow.


Termination of Sri Paramarthi Journal printing in Bengali Language.


First technical amendments and addition incorporated in the aims and object of the memorandum and articles of the association.


For the first time the meeting of ―Disciples‖ organised at Sri B. S. S. Gaudiya Math – Sridham Godrum.


Civil suit No. 378 of 1971 at Varanasi.


Centenary celebration of Srila Prabhupad. Nagar Sankirtan and Bhagwat Dharma Sabha at University Institute Hall.


Demise of Spd. B. G. Govinda Maharaj at the age of 74 years. Member of Governing Body, helped to steer Mission during trouble water.

12-12-1973    to


Centenary celebration of Srila Prabhupad at Sri Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Gaudiya Math, Sridham Godrum.


Installation of Srila Prabhupad‘s Puspa Samadhi Mandir at Sridham Godrum on disappearance day of Srila Prabhupad.


Amendments in memorandum and articles of association to suit the exemption of Income Tax.


Inauguration of newly constructed temple at Hauz Kchas New Delhi on Ras Purnima day.


Demise of Spd. Jagjivandas Assistant Secretary at the age of 71 years.


Demise of Smt. Vinod Vani Dasi donor of land and building at London U.K. By her own self opened a centre of Gaudiya Mission at London, U.K.


Dimise of Sri Srila Guru Maharaj Achaya and President at Sri B. S. S. Gaudiya



Math Sridham Godrum.


(Srila Acharyapad) Tridandi Swami Sri Bhakti Srirup Bhagwat Maharaj elected as Acharya and President of Gaudiya Mission.

1984– 1986

Three Years long celebration of 5th Birth centenary of Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.


Commencement of South India Tirtha Places Visited by Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in connection to 500th birth anniversary celebration (first time organized) under Gaudiya Mission banner.


Demise of Sri Supati Ranjan Nag in Calcutta. Additional Secretary and Legal Advisor.

April 1985

Gour Mandal Parikarama Under the Guidance of Srila Acharyapad in connection to 5th birth centenary celebration of Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahapabhu.


Installation of Sri Gour Gadhar and Sri Radha Krishna at Sri Bhakti Keval Gaudiya Math – Mogalsarai.


Demise of Spd. Janardhan Maharaj at Sridham Godrum. First Suprintendant of Bhakti Sidhantana Sarawati Gaudiya Math and a sincere disciple of Prabhupad.


5th Centenary birth celebration of Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu at Sri B. S. S. Gaudiya Math Sridham Godrum. Lilamandir installation at Godrum.

09-08-1987    to


For the first time, visit by an Acharya & President of Gaudiya Mission to London branch Sri Vasudev Gaudiya Math and installation of Sri Gour Gobinda Radha Jwe.


Installation of Sri Vigraha in newly constructed temple at Sri Sanatan Gaudiya Math, Varanasi.


Offer from office of Land Collector Suburban district Bombay to Purchase Land at provisional rate of Rs. 1200/- per sq.ft.


Demise of Spd. B. H. Hrishikesh Maharaj, Secretary of Gaudiya Mission and most sincere disciple of Srila Prabhupad.


Golden Jubilee celebration of Sri Gaudiya Mission registered.


Inauguration of newly constructed Garbha Mandir at Bhakti Kewal Gaudiya Math Mogalsarai.


Title Suit No. 128 of 1989 Gaudiya Mission V/s Sri Jyoti Seker & Smt Annapurna Roy.

Dec.– Jan 1988

– 1989

First time participation by Gaudiya Mission in the book fair organized by West Bengal Government.


Laying of foundation stone at Haldia Gaudiya Math.


Inauguration of newly constructed temple at Sri Gaudiya Math Bandra Mumbai on Ras Purnima day. Earlier, Dieties were in rented house at Nana-Chowk-Grant Road, Mumbai.


Demise of Srila Bhakti Srirup Bhagwat Maharaj, Acharya & President at Sri Gaudiya Math, Mumbai.


His Divine Grace Srila Sri Bhakti Sruhid Paribrajak Maharaj elected as Acharya and President of Gaudiya Mission. Srila Acharyapad had also made nomination in



thou‘s name.


Title Suit No. 247/94 and 248/94 between Sri Ashim Chatterji & other V/s Sri B. S. Paribrajak and others.


Interim order passed for statues Quo regarding Mgmt of Gaudiya Mission and its properties & asset.


Title Suit No. 347/94 and 392/95 between Sri Drubapriye and Shri B. S. Paribrajak.


Criminal Case No. 186 of 1995, No. 45 of 1996 and No. 30 of 1996.


Inauguration of the Samadhi Mandir of Srila Bhakti Srirup Bhagabat Maharaj at Sridham Godrum on Gour Jayanti day.


Inauguration of newly constructed temple at Sri Gaudiya Math, Patna.


President & Secretary jointly visiting London to sort out and settle the disturbance created by temporary acting Math-in-charge Sri Kamal Y. Arora.


Installation of computer at Gaudiya Mission, Kolkata.


Inauguration of the renovated temple at Sri Krishna Chaitanya Math, Vrindavan Mathura on Ras Purnima day.


Inauguration of Charitable Dispensary at Sri Gaudiya Math, Gaya, Bihar.


Demise of Sripad Bhakti Gunakar Goswami Maharaj at Allahabad. Former Secretary of Gaudiya Mission and a sincere disciple of Srila Guru Maharaj.


Inauguration of Old age home at Sri Sanatan Gaudiya Math, Varanasi by His Excellency, Sri Surajbhan, Governor of U. P.


Inauguration of renovated Natyamandir at Sri Prapanna Ashram, Amlajola, W. B.


South India tirtha Darshan organized under the Divine company of Srila Goswamipad by bus from Kolkata.

01-08-1999 to


For first time Gaudiya Mission Organized visit to Badrinath and Kedarnath under the divine company of Srila Goswamipad.

August, 1999

Construction of Krishna Leela Mandir and installation of Murti for Jhaki darshan at Sri Vyas Gaudiya Math – Kurushetra.


Inauguration of Charitable Hospital and Homeopathic research centre at Sri Satchidananda Math, Cuttak, Orissa.


Installation of Sri Sri Radha Krishna and Sri Gouranga Mahaprabhu (a bigger Sri Vigraha earlier installed at Karimganj-Assam) at Sri Vasudev. Gaudiya Math – London by Srila Goswamipad during Suprintendentship of Sri Ramchandra Pakhira (Ram Prabhu).


Inauguration of the renovated temple at Srirup Gaudiya Math, Allahabad on Ras Purnima Tithi.


Inauguration of newly constructed Garbha Mandir at Sri Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Gaudiya Math, Sridham Godrum, Nadia, West Bengal.

20-05-2001 to


First time tirtha Darshan organized to Yamunatri, Gangotri and three sitting of Srimad Bhagwatam at a stretch. (Badrinath and Kedarnath were also included)



First time Gaudiya Mission organized 84 Kros Brajamandal Parikrama ―on foot‖ after demise of Srila Prabhupad.

31-12-2001 to


Visit to Bangladesh by Gaudiya Mission President, almost after a gap of 60 years. Last visit by President and Acharya was Srila Acharyadev.


Installation of Puspa Samadhi Mandir of Tridandi Swami Srimad Bhakti Prasad Puri Goswami Thakur in Thou‘s Bhajan Kutir at Sridham Puri.


Purchase of land at Sri Radha Kunda for erecting a temple, hospital etc.


Publication of Vaikuntha Varta, a Hindi Quarterly magazine published from Sri Gaudiya Math, Motinagar, Lucknow under editorship of Prof. Shanti Ray.


Inauguration of the renovated temple at Sri Gaudiya Math, Gaya, Bihar.


Inauguration of newly constructed Sri Jagannath Temple at Sri Gaudiya Math, Motinagar, Lucknow, U. P.


Gurupuja Mohotsov of Srila Bhakti Suhrid Paribrajak Maharaj at Sri Bhagwat Janananda Math, Chirulia. (57th advent anniversary) near birthplace of Srila Goswamipad.


Inauguration of Charitable Clinic, Library and Guest House at Sri Sanatan Gaudiya Math, Vanarasi.


Establishment of Gaudiya Mission Trust U. K. Branch.

2005 – 07

Three years birth centenary celebration of Srila Acharyapad.


Commencement of new branch and inauguration of a new temple at Sri Gaudiya Math, Rehabadi, Milanpur, Guwahati, Assam.


Inauguration of Natyamandir at Sri Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Gaudiya Math, Sridham Godrum, Nadia, West Bengal.


Inauguration of the renovated temple at Sri Brahma Gaudiya Math, Allalnath, Orissa.


In New Delhi at Hauz-Khas, Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Marg is named on the Outer-ring-road facing Sri Gaudiya Math.

15-10-2005 to


Gour Mondal Parikarma in connection to Srila Acharyapad birth centenary.

20-11-2005 to


Bangladesh tritha visit, places like Srila Guru Maharaj birth place, Srila Acharyapad Birth place etc. in connection to centenary birth celebration of Srila Acharyapad.

25-03-2006 to


A series of discourses, sankirtan etc. organized by Gaudiya Mission (U. K.) in the divine company of Srila Goswamipad in connection to advent centenary celebration of Srila Acharyapad.


Inauguration of newly constructed gate Sri Bhakti Keval Dwar at Sridham Godrum in connection to birth centenary celebration of Srila Acharyapad.


Inauguration of newly constructed temple at Sri Gour Govinda Gaudiya Math, Vasudevpur, Haldia on Ras Purnima tithi.


Demise of Spd. Bhakti Parayan Parvat Maharaj at Sridham Godrum (member of Governing Body) and sincere disciple of Srila Guru Maharaj.


Sri Gaudiya Math, Baghbazar, Kolkata is declared a Heritage Building by Kolkata



Municipal Corporation.


Inauguration of Book Stall at Howrah Station on permanent basis duly sanctioned by Eastern Zone Railway Board.


Inauguration of new centre in U.S.A. namely ―Sri Bhakti Srirup Bhagwat Gaudiya Math‖ at Rochestar, New York. And installation of Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and Sri Sri Radha Krishna.


Inauguration of newly constructed temple ―Sri Radhakunja Gaudiya Math‖ at Sridham Radhakund, Mathura, U. P.


Demise of Sripad Bhakti Nibas Narayan Maharaj (Spd. Braja Sundar Prabhu) between Sri Radhakunda and Lalitakunda near Sri Radha Kunj Gaudiya Math. A member of Governing body and a sincere dedicated disciple of Srila Guru Maharaj.


Inauguration of Charitable Clinic and Library at Sri Gaudiya Math. Mumbai by local M. L. A. with distinguished doctors and learned citizen.


Formation of Gaudiya Mission Trust U. S. A.


Purchase of adjacent old building at East side of Gaudiya Math Baghbazar and after renovation declared as old age home.


First time tour programme organized to Nepal, Pasupatinath, Janakpur, Pokra etc.


Proposal accepted by Governing body to construct a temple at Siliguri. (By promoter).

05-03-2010 to


International Seminar organized at Girish Manch, Baghbazar on the occasion of 500th Anniversary celebration of Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu‘s entry in Sannyasa Ashram. Subject of Discussion—Impact of Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and some of His followers on present society.


Sri Bhakti Suhrid Ashram at Pailan (West Bengal) is declared as new branch of Gaudiya Mission.


Governing Body accepted the proposal to construct ―Sri Chaitanya Museum‖ at the newly purchased land on west side of Baghbazar Math.


Inauguration of Newly available Medical Van for helping the poor and needy people.


Medical Camp organized at Baghbazar Gaudiya Math with highly qualified doctors, facilities of E. C. G. etc. Free medicines were distributed to the patients.


Medical camp organized at Sri Prapanna Ashram Math, Amlojora. Blood sugar test, Blood pressure check etc. and free medicine to paitents were distributed.

18-11-2010 &


Two-day International Seminar organized at Siri Fort, Hauz Khas, New Delhi on Impact of Sri Krishna Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and some of His followers on the present society.


Distribution of blankets and winter garments to poor & needy citizen at Sri Gaudiya Math, Baghbazar in presence of Mr. Tarak Bandopadya (M.L.A.), Smt. Sikha Saha (local councillor) and other eminent social workers.


Medical Camp organized at Nayanpur village Farraka, Dist-Murshidabad. Free medicines were distributed to patients.