Social Activities

Social activity relates to a number of concepts in the social science and philosophy. There are many social activities of Gaudiya Mission. They organize medical camps in many places in West Bengal and abroad in every month. Mobile distribution of medicine and free medical aid camp is one such special initiative of Gaudiya Mission. Many charitable hospitals and dispensaries are maintained at here. Gaudiya Mission para-Vidapeeth research institute is keen to spread the learning of Gaudiya Vaishnava culture and its humanitarian outlook of the people without any restriction. There are many research activities have been done like awareness programme, organizing workshops, research on manuscriptology and organizing seminars and conferences. Different types of workshop have been arranged by mission on Indian model philosophical analysis, Vedanta epistemology, new concepts of relations etc. Gaudiya Math also arrange a vocational training like (Incense stick packing, floral arrangement) for poor women come of very poor family. Educational activity is also include in their lists of social activities. Gaudiya mission has set up family type biogas plants for meeting the cooking energy needs of its different centres in rural areas of the country along with making enriched organic fertilizer availability for crop cultivation. The rehabilitation centre of old-aged of the society has been set up at Gaudiya Mission with an idea to take care of the old men and women who had given their best to the service of the family. Free food to the poor, aid to victims of natural calamities and other social services have been arranged by mission. Free distribution of cloths are being organize between poorest section of the society is very kind social activity of Gaudiya Mission. They also involve them for development of Leprosy asylum and Gosalas.