Ekadashi Harishyani Ekadashi Gaudiya mission

Harishayani Ekadashi

Lord Vishnu is worshipped on this day. “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudeva. ” Everything is in this mantra. The offerings are payas, shashkuli, puli, fine rice grains, various dishes, curd, sweetmeats, and various fruits. Various fragrances like Pushpa-Kadamba, Padma, Champaka, Ketaki, Malati and Nageshwar etc. will be offered.
The Chaturmasa begins with the Ekadashi of Srihari. Do not eat rice, wheat, lentils and lentils. Parashayya, renunciation of prana and the vow of brahmacharya are prescribed. Every day regular Naam Sankirtan, study of Gita-Bhagavatam, regular Srihari temple immersion, sadhu seva and guru seva must be done. It is customary to worship Lord Shiva on this day. Afternoon Bhog Aratik, Anantaar Nritya with Sankirtan, Geet, Jai Dhvani, Dandavata, Hymn, Recitation and then Srivishnu Mahatmya Prarambh Vandana
Srimad Bhagavatam Shrikrushna Parikshit Samvad –
S ́ ri ̄ sukadeva Gosva ̄ mi ̄ said, “O Parikshit! You listen to the story of a devotee of Krishna with a single mind. An ardent devotee of Shrikrushna lived in Bidehnagar in the name of Shrutas who were not interested in a peaceful affair. He lived at home with his wife and made a living out of hard-earned money.
At that time, Bahulashwa, a king of the Janakraj dynasty, was the ruler of the Videha kingdom. He was very pleasant.
Once Sri Krishna, the lord of Sri Dwaraka, entered simultaneously into the house of the devotee and the house of the devotee Brahmin, along with many sages. At that time, the people of the village and the people of the village were congratulating Krishna and the sages on the way with the hands of various treatments and flower garlands. They were successful in combining their eyes with the vision of the amal-kamal like the Paramasundara Srivaddhana Mandala of Krishna. Trilokguru Bhagavan Vasudeva was at that time removing the unconscious darkness from the heart of the living entity through his eyes. Lord Vasudeva thus came to Bidehnagar to be praised by his beloved devotees.
On hearing the arrival of Lord Krishna, the people of the town and the village of Bidehraj were congratulating him with various gifts and flowers.
Srutadeva and King Bahulasva at the same time, with great devotion, invited Krishna and the sages to their homes. Lord Vasudeva entered the Dwija Srutadeva house in one idol and the Raja Bahulashva house in the other idol for the darshan of their Atidanya and Vinayanamrtadi. The Brahmana and the king could not understand this strange manifestation of Achintyakarma Srihari. Both of them thought Srihari had taken pity on me and came to my house first.
King Bahulashva seated the sages and Lord Krishna in the best seat and washed their feet with tears of joy. Then the priest along with his family put on his head and offered incense, incense, incense, incense, incense, incense, incense, incense, incense, etc.
Then the king satisfied their food with the aid of the perfumed oven, various dishes, yogurt, milk, and sundry sweets. Before the offering of the Ananta-tambuladi, the king began to celebrate the Padmapadma-yugal of his wife Sri Krishna. And with a joyful heart, he said, “O my Lord! You are the creator, sustainer and sustainer of all beings. You, Deen-janbandhu, the surrendered shepherd, have graciously given your own darshan to us, to remind us of the coming Sricharan. Even after meditating for a long time, the yogis do not get to see this Sri-charan of yours. The yogi himself gave the rare vision. “You have said with your own mouth,” “No one is dearer to me than my son, brother, wife and limbs.” Perhaps to make that statement true, you yourself have unnecessarily come to my house. O Earth! Stay with these sages in my house for a few days and consecrate this royal family.
Meanwhile, like the king of Bahulashwa, Dwijashrestha, seeing Krishna and the sages in the house of the Shrutas, began to dance with a very joyful heart with the northern band on his head. He welcomed them into his home. Ananta ̄ ra made him sit on the platform and cushion collected from his own house and from the next house, and with a hearty greeting, he washed the s ́ ri ̄ padapadma of Kr ̣ s ̣ n ̣ a and the sages. Being filled with all kinds of pleasures, Mahabhaga Srutadeva very generously anointed himself with the house and relatives by the said Padodaka.
Then he fed Amla and other fruits like tamarind, sweet-smelling water, musk, incense sticks, tulsi, kusha, lotus, gifts and tasty food dishes. At that time Dwijashrestha began to think in the minds of the Shrutas – How did the sages and the Lord, whose feet are the highest and who are the shrines of the idolatrous shrines, emerge as my abode, as the abode of the downtrodden? With this thought in his heart, Srutadeva, along with his foster relatives and wife and children in India, began to worship Srihari’s Shripadapadma and said:
Oh god! What shall we do for Your love? Educate it. As soon as you appear in the sight of men, the tribulation of their world immediately ends.
Srimad Sukadeva Gosvami said, “O Parikshit! Hearing such words of Lord Srutadeva, the Pranatajanapala used to hold the Brahmana’s tax in his heart in the form of a swyakar: He said, “O Dwijavar! I am very pleased with the service you have rendered to me and to these sages.
Then the Lord departed from the Shrutas and the Bahulashvara king and proceeded towards His gate with the sages. Srihari will kindly fulfil all the wishes of those who listen to this holy narration with reverence on Sriharivasara Tithi or during any festival.
Trust in the Guru.
Harijan Dasa says the greatness of Sriharivas.
At the end of Sriharishayani Ekadashi, the glory of Lord Vishnu ends.



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