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Putrada Ekadashi

‘Putrada’ Ekadashi Fasting

(Do’s and Don’ts on Ekadashi- Ekadashi is a lunar day. Ekadashi Tithi of Moon’s Sukla and Krishna Paksha is considered as Punyatithi according to Hinduism. According to Hinduism, Nirambu fasting is prescribed for widows, especially upper caste widows on this day. However, anyone can observe Ekadashi irrespective of caste and gender. Fruits and various vegetables and milk can be consumed at this time. However, on Ekadashi it is recommended to abstain from Pancharavi grains. Now let’s see which five types of Ravishya are forbidden on Ekadashi: 1. All types of rice like rice, muri, chira, semolina, pies, khichuri, rice cake, khai etc. 2. All types of wheat based foods like flour, flour, semolina, bakery bread, all types of biscuits, horlicks etc. 3. All kinds of food such as barley or maize like chhatu, bhai, bread etc. 4. All types of pulses such as mung, maskalai, kesari, musuri, chickpeas, arahar, peas, beans and beans etc. 5. Mustard oil, soybean oil, sesame oil etc. Taking any of the above five Ravishasyas on any Ekadashi invalidates the vow.) 


Jan 01 - 02 2023


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