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Yogini Ekadashi

Pooja on the 16th Upachar of Sree Narayana. Bathing of Shrihari in Panchamrita. Giving offerings, paisa, rice tandul food, various dishes, curd, milk, various sweets, various fruits, sarabat etc. In the mid-afternoon, Bhogarati ends with eternal prostrations and praises.

Then Sri Sreenarayana Mahima Katharambha –


Namami Narayan Padpankajung

Karomi Narayan Pujanang Sada.

Badami Narayan’s name is Nirmalang

Smrami Narayana Tattvavyam.

Srimad Bhagavat Sutta Shaunaka Sambad—

Once upon a time, there lived a Brahmin named Ajamil in a country called Kanyakubja. Born into a noble family, he loved his parents. Ajamil Narayan’s Nitya Archan, various Vratacharans, and the study of Shastra Puranas were parayan. He once went to the river bank to collect fruits and roots, kush-kash and flowers for his parents and Narayana. On his way back after collecting these at the river bank, Ajamil suddenly became enthralled by seeing a drunken Shudra named Maireya in the Shudranivas on the outskirts of the city enjoying the barvanita in the daytime. First of all, he wanted to get rid of that great sinful action with all his scripture knowledge, but Paparupi was unable to save himself from the hands of that mighty intoxicated elephant. God is totally averse. Ajamil was totally engulfed by that great evil Tamsa.

Anantara Ajamil left his parents and wife and stayed with a prostitute. His parents lost their lives in grief at such a great crime. Seeing the saintly wife helpless, the father took refuge in the house.

Ajamil started rearing prostitutes by committing sins like cohabiting with prostitutes and stealing. In turn, he had ten children in a prostitute’s womb. Sarva named his youngest son Narayana. Ajamil loved his youngest son the most. So Narayan! Narayan! Said the child used to call during feeding, sleeping, walking, and fasting. Narayana eats, Narayana sleeps, and Narayana comes and sits near Narayana. Always said so.

Naming Narayana with reverence or disrespect has its results. As poison, you will act knowingly or unknowingly. Gradually Ajamil’s old age came and his death also came. Always the disease lies in bed, almost no one comes to the side. Sometimes the younger Narayan Baba! Father! Come on, I say. So Ajamil repeatedly called Narayan! Narayan! Called

Gradually death came. Then, three monstrous demons appeared with crimson eyes and ropes in their hands. Anantara Yamadutatraya began to enthral the sinful Ajamil’s innermost soul by binding it with fury. Ajamil at that time was very scared and played away with the boy like Narayan! Narayan! Narayan! He called three times.

When Ajamil chanted the name Narayana three times in a loud voice, immediately there

Adorned with conch and lotus, a very beautiful idol of youth. Seeing their influence, Yamaduttaraya left Ajamil and stood aloof.

Then Vishnupu said to the Yamadutas – who are you? Why are you taking Ajamil tied?

The Yamadutas said that we were messengers of Dharmaraja.

Vishnudutas said – You are the messengers of the kingdom of Dharma? What are religion’s signs?

The Yamadutas said that the Vedas were signs of religion. The Vedas are Narayana Himself. Not composed by a man—Apurusheya. Signs of Dharma mentioned in the Vedas — Truth, Shaucha, Daya, Kshama, Arjjava, Brahmacharya, Sama, Dama, Titiksha, Donation, Meditation, Tapa, Swadhyaya, Japa, Homa and Sannyas etc. Witness of Dharma—Sun, Fire, Sky, Air, Dharma, Moon, Maruts, Day and Night, Dik and Paramatma. Ajamil is the son of a Brahmin but with a harlot, all his religion is ruined. Therefore, under the rule of Yamaraj, he will suffer in hell.

Vishnudutas heard those words in the mouth of Yamadutas and said – Hey Yamadutas. We have come to know that you are just the Kinkar of Dharmaraj. You don’t know religion. You know all the opposite signs of religion as religion. We have never seen anyone doing such garhita karma till now. I didn’t hear it. Punishment has been done to the innocent who should never be punished.

Hey angels! Listen Ajamil used to chant Vatsa Narayana come soon, Vatsa Narayana sit here, Vatsa Narayana now lie down etc. During meals. It was then that his sin of eternal birth was destroyed by the practice of the name Narayana.

All kinds of great sins, great sins are cleansed by chanting the name of Shri Vishnu. About the person who utters the name, Sri Vishnu is satisfied—this person is my own, it is our duty to protect him by all means.

O angels! Hear further—Ajamil uttered the name of Sri Vishnu while imprisoned on his deathbed. By this, the sin of his eternal birth is destroyed, so you cannot take him on the path of infernal sin. The Lord’s name— allusion, mockery, stova and hela—are still Vaikuntha gati.

The Yamadutas, after hearing such extraordinary words from the mouths of the Vishnudutas, abandoned Ajamil and went away. Ajamil Mahabhagavata became purified from all sins by listening to Sri Harikatha from the lips of the Vishnudutas. At that time, leaving all company, he went to the Ganges banks in solitude and chanted the name continuously for twenty years and attained Vaikuntagati. Ajamil Vaikuntha gained momentum under the influence of the name Srinarayan. Those who reverently hear and chant the name of Sree Narayana Mahatma on Ekadashi Base will finally attain Vishnupad.

Iti Yogini Ekadashivasare Narayana Naam Mahatmya completed.


Jun 14 - 15 2023


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