Brajamandal Parikarma Day 8

Badrinatrayan Temple

Lord BadrinathLord Badrinarayan Jiu

Lord Badrinarayan in Brajamandal:

The glory is boundless and celebrated with great devotion. Lord Badri Narayan is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the preserver of the universe. The name “Badri” is associated with the Badri tree (Indian Jujube), under which it is said that Lord Vishnu meditated for thousands of years.

The Badrinath temple is a sacred pilgrimage site for Hindus and is one of the Char Dham Yatra destinations. The temple’s idol, made of black stone, is a sight of immense divine beauty. The Lord’s divine presence amidst the breathtaking Himalayan landscapes instills a sense of awe and humility. His blessings are sought by thousands of devotees who embark on this spiritual journey.

Devotees believe that a visit to the Badrinath temple cleanses their souls and grants them salvation. The deity’s compassion and grace are a source of inspiration and hope for countless devotees, making Lord Badri Narayan a symbol of divine love, protection, and spiritual awakening.

Badrinatrayan Temple

  • Purification and Salvation: The Alakananda is believed to possess purifying properties. Hindus consider a dip in its sacred waters as a means to cleanse their sins and attain spiritual purity. Bathing in the river is thought to be a step toward salvation and liberation from the cycle of reincarnation.
  • Char Dham Yatra: The Alakananda River flows through the region that is home to the Char Dham Yatra, one of the most important pilgrimages in Hinduism. Pilgrims visit Badrinath, one of the Char Dham temples, situated along the Alakananda’s banks, to seek the blessings of Lord Badri Narayan. The river’s presence adds to the spiritual aura of this journey.
  • Abode of Gods: The Himalayas, where the Alakananda originates, are often referred to as the abode of gods. The river’s origins in this divine realm further elevate its spiritual significance. It is seen as a manifestation of the sacred Ganges, descending from the heavens to the mortal realm.
  • Offerings and Rituals: The Alakananda River witnesses numerous religious rituals, including the offering of prayers, flowers, and lamps. It is an integral part of religious ceremonies performed in the region.



Gongotri & Jomunetri:

Chandan Pahar:

  • Spiritual Embrace: Charan Pahari is a sacred site that is integral to the Char Dham Yatra, one of the most revered pilgrimages in Hinduism. It is believed to be the place where Lord Vishnu left his footprints, known as “Charan” in Sanskrit. Devotees visit Charan Pahari as part of their spiritual journey to seek the blessings of the divine.
  • Connection to Lord Badri Narayan: It is closely associated with the Badrinath temple, dedicated to Lord Badri Narayan (a form of Lord Vishnu), as it is believed to be his divine abode. Pilgrims often start their Char Dham Yatra by seeking the blessings of Lord Badri Narayan at Charan Pahari.
  • Majestic Views: Charan Pahari offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Himalayan ranges, adding to its allure. The serene surroundings and the pristine natural beauty create an ambiance of tranquility and spirituality.
  • Pilgrimage Rituals: Devotees perform rituals and offer prayers at Charan Pahari. It is customary to touch the footprints of Lord Vishnu’s divine form and seek his protection and grace.
  • Cultural Significance: The site has cultural importance and is mentioned in Hindu scriptures and ancient texts. It is a reminder of the rich heritage and spiritual traditions of the region.

    Few Glimpses of Gaudiya Mission Performing Brajamandal Parikrama

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শ্রীশ্রীজগন্নাথদেবের রথযাত্রা মহোৎসব

(শ্রীল স্বরূপ দামোদর গোস্বামী প্রভুর তিরোভাব তিথি) ৭ জুলাই ২০২৪, রবিবার শ্রীরথযাত্রা উৎসব শ্রীপুরুষোত্তম-ধামের সর্বপ্রধান উৎসব; ইহার অপর নাম—‘নবযাত্রা’, ‘গুণ্ডিচাযাত্রা’, ‘নন্দিঘোষ-যাত্রা’, ‘পতিতপাবন-যাত্রা’, বা ‘মহাবেদী-উৎসব’”। শ্রীজগন্নাথদেব

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গুন্ডিচা মার্জনোৎসব

৬ জুলাই ২০২৪, শনিবার জগন্নাথ পুরীতে রথযাত্রার আগের দিনটি হল গুন্ডিচা-মার্জনা। জগন্নাথ, বলদেব এবং সুভদ্রাকে স্বাগত জানাতে গুন্ডিচা মন্দির পরিষ্কার করা হয়। গুন্ডিচা মন্দিরটি জগন্নাথ

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শ্রীশ্রীগৌর সুন্দরের নিজজন শ্রীল সচ্চিদানন্দ ভক্তিবিনোদ ঠাকুরের ১১০ তম তিরোভাব তিথি

শ্রীশ্রী জগন্নাথদেবের নেত্রোউৎসব বা নবযৌবনোৎসব শ্রীল গদাধর পন্ডিতের তিরোভাব তিথি ৫ জুলাই ২০২৪, শুক্রবার নমোভক্তিবিনোদায় সচ্চিদানন্দ নামিনে। গৌরশক্তি স্বরূপায় রূপানুগবরায়তে।। শ্রীশ্রীল সচ্চিদানন্দ ভক্তিবিনেদ ঠাকুর মহাশয়

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